Stogie T And Blaklez' Heated Twitter Exchange

"If you die I'll come to your funeral"

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Blaklez did not take kindly to the statement made by Tumi Molekane popularly known as Stogie T on his podcast called Triple Distilled Podcast. Stogie T was explaining why his relationship with Blaklez did not kick off well.

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He admitted that he was disrespectful to Blaklez and said he regrets it. However, he mentioned that if Blaklez dies, he will go to his funeral and this statement clearly rubbed Blaklez off the wrong way.

So me and Blaklez got off on the wrong footIt was at Prokid’s funeral man when I just looked at this dude and I was like bro this is so corny, If I die tomorrow, you’re gonna come to my funeral, if you die, I am gonna come to your funeral, cut it out. So I was like you know what, mxm squash it,” explained Stogie T.

Blacklez then took to Twitter to address the issue, he said he wishes that Stogie T could shut up at times.
He tweeted: “What the f*** is this? Wish big homie @TumiMolekane could just keep quiet at times. I'm not with all this bullsh**. Tacky to bring my name up when I'm over there minding my own. "If you die I'll come to your funeral?" Really bruh?"

In response, Stogie T said he does not think he disrespected Blaklez in any way. He said he is allowed to talk about his experiences with him.

“Also bro VIRALFEED? that’s what gets you moving? I have been posting content about how dope your verses are and this what get you moving King.
Bro, you and I just had a 2-hour conversation the other day. If you are saying I disrespected you in any way you have to show me cuz I don’t think I did. If you are saying I am not allowed to talk about my experiences with you I can show you a constitution that says different,” tweeted Stogie T

Weighing in on the exchange, fans picked their sides. @hlubijoseph said Stogie T overacted: “Your previous tweet was unnecessary, Lez was simply saying there's no need to entertain things that might start a feud but because you're never wrong you didn't see that, instead your response was sarcastic.”

Blaq_marumo thought Blaklez was just being sensitive: “Joe Budden once said "Rappers are the most sensitive human being ever, You can talk all the good things about them, they happy, say something they don't like, they shit their pants " You ain't said anything bad, Lez must grow some balls”

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