"I Don't Want To Give Ladies Too Much Attention"

Tiisetso On Upcoming Projects, Lovelife, Business, And Isibaya Role

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Multi-talented actor and Television heartthrob Tiisetso Thoka, continues to raise the bar in the local Television industry with his impeccable acting skills, and he undoubtedly has his eyes set on accomplishing many goals. 

The TV star has proven that there is definitely no limit when it comes to his talents. Tiisetso has mastered his craft and he often leaves us in awe of his acting talent and now he is impressing us with his behind the scenes skills.

If everyone could put in as much effort into their work as he does do, this country would be rich with productivity.

Tiisetso has become one of the country's most accomplished and local revered actors known for his memorable roles on popular TV shows such as Rhythm City, The Herd and Isithembiso.

ZAlebs recently sat down to chat with the actor about landing his big break and his soaring acting career.

Tiisetso who recently bagged a role on Mzansi Magic's hit soapie Isibaya, says working on the show has been nothing short of amazing.

"It's a great experience, they have talented actors and their reception has been overwhelming," he says.

Tiisetso portrays the character of Mickey Sibiya, who is Sizakele's cousin played by Enhle Mbali and he says he loves playing this character.

"He is full of drama, he is full of humor, I like Mickey because he is well spoken what he thinks in his mind he says it out loud, and he does not care who says what, and he is quite controversial," he adds.
The gym fanatic says getting the role was not through the normal industry standard channel of auditioning, because he was approached by the producers of the show.

"I worked for Bomb Production in post production so, I was approached by one of the bosses Angus Gibson and Adze Ugah, they came to my office and they told me about a new character on Isibaya they wanted me to try out and I said yes let's try it out."

Tiisetso says he also works as a subtitler and a junior editor for the renowned production company. He says he passionate about working behind the scenes.

"It's something that keeps me busy if I am not on screen, because a lot of people might think that I am always just doing my acting stuff, but there is a lot that I am doing, including post production work. I am quiet interested in editing and I do quiet a lot of freelance gigs and I do a lot of charity when i find time," he says.

The actor says he would also love to venture into Television directing in the near future. Tiisetso's character has many on the edge of their collective seats with his enthralling performances, and he says there is more to look forward to.

"Mickey is still going to be controversial moving forward, a lot of people are still going to be shocked on what is going to happen between Sizakele and Mickey and the whole Bhubesini, there is going to be a bombshell that is going happen so I am looking forward to that."

He says playing this character he has had a lot of challenges with it, as it was a character directors were thinking of. He says they asked him to add his ideas to make his character more fascinating "In the first 2 months as we were trying out we were checking the people's response on how they feel and what directions should be followed."

He says after hearing the people's reactions they worked on how he needs to delivered artistry and makes some changes..

Tiisetso says he is different from his character because he is quiet reserved, but Mickey is outspoken,

"That is why I don't go to events or red carpets that you might see celebrities going to, I'm too discreet about my private life," he adds. 

The actor who captivated many with his character Ali in Mzansi Magic's telenovela Isithembiso, says he was hurt when the show ended because he thought it was going to a permanent show.
"A part of me was not happy because Isithembiso is a show that made me who I am today. It gave the limelight, and the recognition that I needed to get to where I am going, so it was not only myself quiet a number of  people were quiet sad because we thought it was going to be something long term because we were all young and we were a family so after it all went down, hearts were left broken." he adds.
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The heartthrob says acting alongside Mzansi's legends such as Thembi Nyandeni and Siyabonga Thwala, is a dream come true,

 "It's quiet an honor ton work with them because, I've been watching a lot of their shows since I was young. God has finally blessed me with an opportunity to work with them and everyday I learn something from them." he says.

The actor who studied Law, moved to the city of gold in 2005 to pursue a career in acting and he landed a cameo role on Tshisa in the early 2000’s. He then became a YOTV presenter directly after that.

He says he has always been passionate about law.

"With Law it is something I kinda love when I was growing up and I told my parents about it and it happened that of I told them about it they actually wanted me to take it serious moving forward in life. So after matric I did the law thing so that I can make them happy and do it because I loved it so that I can later pursue a career in acting," he says.

He says his parents took his love for acting as a hobby. The actor says he then  went to do his articles and used to attend auditions.

"As I was growing in Television, there was a time when I had to sleep in the street for a couple of days and at the train station because I felt I was bothering my friends by moving from one place to another," he adds.

The star says he was kicked out of his place because he couldn't afford to pay rent and he couldn't tell his parents. He says he worked at Sports Scene and told his manager to let him attend auditions.

He says  after attending numerous auditions he bagged a gig and things started coming to light. Asked if he plans to return back to law he said he is consulting part-time when he gets time, but not for time consuming related things.

The actor has teased that he has two big projects coming and we cannot wait to see them.

"There are 2 projects coming out but I cannot say much about them, I'm so happy about them. One of the project is what I've been looking for quiet some time, It's an international gig and that is what I am going to say because it's confidential. It will open up more doors for me I feel like I have done a lot of SA stuff, so now I feel like going out to the world, the other big is a local gig but it will be big," he elaborates.

Asked if he plans to tie the knot and have kids one day he says "Yeah one thing about me is that I prefer to be stable first because I wouldn't want to be with someone, and the next thing I make the person suffer, so I prefer having my own things first."

He says he does not conform to the perceptions that one should reveal who they dating. 

"I don't go along with that, I think even to this day,, I am happy that a lot of people or everyone in the industry they do not really know who I'm dating, who I date is personal whether I have kids they don't know."

The actor has been posting snaps and video with starlet Lungelo Mpangase, looking all sorts of lovey-dovey but he says he will leave it to people to speculate.

"I love when they speculate when I see people on social media or in the newspapers speculating I just laugh because they never know if it's a true story, sometimes I will do things to keep people abreast of my career or keep them happy," he says.

The actor says although he receives crazy DM's but he keeps a blind eye on ladies crushing hard on him too much attention. He says he responds to appreciation posts but not to ladies who slide into his DM's looking for love 

"I don't want to give ladies too much attention because my soulmate is there, so i don't want blunders,""If the day comes for me to find a good soulmate then so be it."

Tiisetso says the lockdown period has also affected him a lot, but he says he is lucky because he has different streams of income.

"I prefer to have different avenues of income i have properties in Pretoria."

The TV star he has his eyes set on international domination and he won't rest until his dream comes true. He says he believes one can career out of acting but it depends on how you use your cash.

"With television there is money but it depends on how you spend it, that is why I tell people that i don't want fame to get into me too much, I have done quiet a lot for my family, I bought mom a car and did some things for my mom."

Tiisetso says if he is not at home he is at the gym, work, or running his business.

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