Our First Look At Mome's Bundle Of Joy

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Comedian Tol Ass Mo and his wife, Mome have been together for years and their union has become an inspiration and a beacon of hope for relationships that survive under the limelight.

We have watched the couple's relationship grow on the small screen through their reality show, Mo Love and as we’ve fallen in love with their beautiful union, we’re always excited to see the precious moments that they share with us.

The couple has a 5-year-old daughter Khumo and a son Teekay - from Tol Ass Mo’s previous relationship - and have expanded their family recently after welcoming their new addition, Tshepahalo Oluhleuthando.

In celebration of Tol Ass Mo’s birthday, Mrs Mahlangu took to her Instagram uploading the first picture of their daughter, wishing her husband a happy birthday and introducing us to Tshepahalo.

Instagram embed

Instagram embed

The couple is constantly sharing couple goals, having been together for seven years they are now raising a family together.

Speaking on their relationship and the role that Mome plays in his life, Tol Ass Mo said that his wife calms him down.

"So I do need my wife all the time before I come to a joint I talk to her and I ask her if she's sure if I can do this thing and she calms me down and informs me that I can do it and that I've been doing this for a long time. So when I get that validation and encouragement from her I feel ok, I feel like I can go in and do it, not everyone has got that natural confidence sometimes you need that person who's going to be there and activate it for you and she's my confidence activator." 

Main image credit: instagram.com/@mrs_momemahlangu
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