Uganda's superstar, Keko is flying solo!

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ZAlebs spoke to one of Uganda's biggest stars right now, the rapper, Keko. She's on her way to the top and her new single, Fly Solo is already making waves all over Africa!

Hi Keko, welcome to ZAlebs. How are you doing this fine morning and how is Uganda?

Hi I’m great thanks! It’s cold days in Kampala but still beautiful non the less.

Your newest single, Fly Solo, dropped a couple of weeks ago and we’ve heard a few times in clubs this side. How happy are you with the reaction it’s gotten?

It's pleasantly surprising to hear all the positive feedback. I am still hoping for the very best but so far so good.

What was the inspiration behind it? Because when we listen to it it makes us want to spend money and live life for me, you know? 

The inspiration was living free-living fly, making mistakes and learning from them. Dreaming big and chasing dreams, because who says it can't happen for an African, right?

We watched the video quite recently and we have to say that it suits the song perfectly. Was it a lot of fun to make? 

It felt like a rollercoaster ride around Johannesburg, it too much fun! The concept was nice and simple enough too.

In SA all the talk last week was about AKA’s new video… what do you think of African Hip Hop Music videos, and what do we need to do to reach “world class levels” 

Some of the videos are world class, some are not. What needs to be done is that we need to get directors that understand hip-hop so that the vibe and culture can be captured accurately.  Hopefully this would bring us closer to the rest of the other "world class" videos.

You’re going to be releasing your album (With Fly Solo on it) later in the year. Tell us a little bit of what we can expect?

Yes Fly Solo will be on the album. Expect quite the ride; there's all kind of songs on the album and it should make for good listening. I don't want to give it all away but there's a couple of big name continental cameos to spice it up and it could be one of the best albums to come out this year.

When can we expect to see you in South Africa? 

 I will be in South Africa in September performing at the Tribe One Festival in Pretoria! Looking forward to that.

I was shocked to discover you’re only TWENTY!  Has your age ever been a challenge for you? 

[Laughs] I'm not 20, I'm 27 but that's funny. Age is but a number challenges don't favor neither, I've had my fair share especially when I was starting out just after university at 24. I was naive but with time lessons are learnt.

Lastly, please give a shout out to all the ZAlebs readers and send a message to all your fans 

Wazzuuuup Zalebs thanks for having me on! to the #Kekonian, we journey on peace and love. #FlySolo. :)