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Zizo Tshwete continues shinning her glow.

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Zizo Tshwete is a former Miss Teen who grew to be a celebrated television presenter in the country.

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In 2006, Zizo won the Miss Teen search in the country and during an interview with Tshisalive, Zizo was asked, "As a reigning Queen at that time did you have to deal with some of the youth issues? if yes, please tell us about them and how did you deal with them?"

"It’s not enough space to address them all but essentially each titleholder was as involved with any particular issue as much or as little as they wanted to be. just a few of what I dealt with was the issue of teenage pregnancy, self-confidence amongst teens, career guidance, subject choices in school, drugs, the importance of voting, worked with teens in jails etc. Most of the resources came in the form of workshops and motivational talks"

She is best known for being the presenter on the SABC1 show Selimathunzi. Zizo  generally identifies herself as a South African model, radio presenter, and a TV personality.

Here's Zizo Tshwete's biography.

Zizo Tshwete Age

Zizo was born was on the 12th of  December in 1988. She is 32-years-old.

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Zizo Tshwete Early Life

If there are people that Zizo looks up to, it definitely would be her parents. It's a bit obvious that she got all her good qualities from her parents.

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The mother of one took to Instagram to let fans in on a little secret: she admires her mother's heart. To celebrate her mom's birthday, the former Selimathunzi presenter shared a cute and special moments between her parents.

"34 years later these two are each other’s best friends! God knows my prayers for you both. I love you forever!"

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This was not the first time the beauty ha shown love to her parents on IG. On Father's Day in 2018, the Umhlobo Wenene host sent her dad a heartfelt message.

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Zizo Tshwete Education

Zizo started her formal education in East London at Komga Junior for her primary education.

She furthered her studies at the Clarendon Girls High School.

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While at Clarendon, Zizo participated in different extramural activities such as tennis, netball, debating and drawing.

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Zizo Tshwete Marriage

Zizo met Mayihlome Tshwete in Durban during the birthday celebration of Malusi Gigaba.

They were both there for different reasons as Mayihlome Tshwete was part of the organizing committee while Zizo was there to cover the event for Selimathunzi.

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According to Zizo, their first encounter left her unsure and she was sceptical about his intentions after he approached her. At the time of their meeting, Zizo was only focused on growing her career and dating was not in sight.

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She initially played hard to get, but the two started out as friends and one thing led to another and soon they started dating. 

They tied the knot on the 11th of December in 2015 at the Gonubie Manor venue in East London.

Zizo and Mayihlome then welcomed their baby boy in 2016 and named him Vukile Tshwete.

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Zizo has admitted that she is enjoying parenthood as she raises her son although she shared that parenting isn’t a walk in a park. Zizo also shared what an amazing husband, Mayihlome is.

"My husband is the best guy in the world for me, we met each other, went on a date literally the next day and we've been together ever since for six years. It was just one of those connections that were instantaneous I can't explain it."  Zizo said in a past interview with Rorisang on Touch Central

Zizo Tshwete Divorce Rumours

In 2018, it was rumoured that Zizo and Mayihlome's marriage was crumbling. They were married for 3 years prior to the divorce rumours.

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It was alleged that Mayihlome had moved out of their matrimonial home.

Rumours even circulated after Zizo spent her Christmas in Johannesburg while her husband was in Cape Town for the holiday. The couple was also said to be living separately. 

Zizo Tshwete Body Trauma

Media personality Zizo Tshwete has come a long way in her personal life journey but she is still standing tall.

Zizo took to Instagram to post a picture that showed off her gorgeous figure and in her lengthy caption shared her traumatic experience that she encountered.

"Nobody deserves to have their innocence taken away from them. NO MATTER WHAT. My body has carried that trauma for so many years. I couldn’t handle the pain as a ten year little girl I passed out, [sic]" shared Zizo.

In her emotional post, Zizo details about how she never thought of the experience until " as a deeply broken adult who desperately needed to heal".

Although Zizo did not disclose what happened exactly, the presenter seems to have moved past her fears and is celebrating the woman she has become.

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Zizo Tshwete Career

Zizo Tshwete was thrust into the limelight when she won the Miss South Africa teen crown in 2004 and since then, she has become one of the hardest working women in the entertainment industry. 

During her interview with Tshisalive, they asked her, "How did you get into tv?"
"Yo-tv covered quite a few of this projects I was involved with throughout the year of my reign and a year later I got a call from the producers with the offer to be one of their presenters, and that was the first step in my television career."
Zizo got the opportunity to host a number of shows and she always nailed her job. She started of as a presenter on Selimathunzi and she also became the host of the Afternoon Express, a talk show that aired on SABC 3.

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She was also the host of the  Lotto Live show on a weekly basis. Zizo Tshwete joined the Masigoduke team soon after her exit on SABC 1's iconic show, Selimathunzi. This move spawned a few mixed reactions from her legions of fans as many would have never predicted that she would dabble in radio.

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In 2019 the axe fell on one of South Africa's much loved media personality's neck Zizo Tshwete. According to Sunday World, the powers that be allegedly decided not to renew the former Selimathunzi presenter's contract with Umhlobo Wenene.

But Zizo is one of those lucky entertainers who have solid side hustles. If she is not working her magic on radio, she slays those voice over gigs with that husky voice of hers.

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Zizo Tshwete Philanthropy

2017, saw the rise of the #yellowpacketchallenge and some ZAlebs did not shy away from taking part.

Zizo has also shown that you need not wait for Mandela Day to show some kindnessto the next persson. Along with Bokang M Tshabalala and Khanya Mkangisa, the ladies took the time to give back to the community in a big way.

Zizo did her bit and filled up some trollies with groceries and went out to society to hand over the groceries to those who needed it the most.

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Zizo Tshwete Advice

Zizo Tshwete took to Instagram to give some unsolicited advice to her followers. She shared how she learns from her mistakes and draws lessons by highlighting points that need improvement in her life.
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"There are certain things that are not in our control, but the one thing I've found helpful is looking at what has passed, assessing what I could've done and wanted to do differently and basically using that as a lesson for my path going forward," she said. 

The radio presenter shared her life experiences and how she detects negativity in her life.
"If you have an instinct or if something doesn't sit well with you or it's like when your body feels some type of way, that means there's a trigger happening...The best way I have learnt to process that is to tell my body to own up to the trauma." she said.
Zizo has also encouraged her fans to live life to the fullest.

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Zizo Tshwete Brand Endorsements

Zizo has been the brand ambassador for giant beauty brand, Garnier since 2011.

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In 2016, she became the brand ambassador for the diaper brand, Cuddlers. The media star also serves as a Projects and PR Executive at Dandelion Breeze.

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Zizo is focused on doing the best she can as a presenter, entrepreneur mother to her boy and wife. Despite the challenges she has faced in her life, Zizo is always forging ahead full speed.

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"I'm not scared to live my life anymore. It doesn't have to look perfect to anyone, I'm not concerned with that." she said

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