Cops Reportedly Intervene In Zodwa And Ricardo's Drama

Trouble in paradise for the lovely couple who recently got matching tattoos

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Zodwa Wabantu reportedly called the cops on her boyfriend Ricardo after an altercation between them. This drama apparently happened on Saturday when Zodwa refused to pay for his Uber ride.

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According to City Press, the Uber ride was from Montecasino Zodwa's house in Fourways. It is alleged that Ricardo had been out with friends and Zodwa gave him money to spend but when he used all of it, he did not have any left to catch a ride home.

Ricardo apparently told the Uber driver that Zodwa would pay for his bill but she blatantly refused. It is is then alleged that when she refused, Ricardo became violent and started slurring insults in full view of the driver. The publication further alleges that he threatened Zodwa and "forcefully demanded money from her."

Zodwa then tried to get the police to intervene so she went to the Douglasdale Police Station, as the publication puts it, for "gender-based violence concerns."

"She came to the station asking police to help her as she was afraid that her boyfriend might physically harm her. So, the police went to her residential area and managed to calm the situation down. Later the boyfriend’s family was called and they apologised to Zodwa, telling her that he is not a violent person,” said a police officer to the publication. 

But Zodwa said she was safe and was unharmed by Ricardo.

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Zodwa recently took to social media to share her thoughts on the current conversation around depression and mental health, saying every one is going through something and that nobody is safe.

She then advised her fans to be selfish of themselves and not allow every body in their space because people steal one another's energy.

"Guys do not allow bad things to happen to you. Some parts of your life, your soul and energy, they are for you, keep it to yourself. Do not allow it! Know who you are when you are alone, because all of these people come to take from you.

"Do not tell me about money or material things, people just want to live, they want your energy and your intelligence. Then you end up empty and not knowing yourself or who you are. Do not be easily available to all these places protect your soul," she said before her video ended. 

This comes after Riky Rick's untimely death shook the nation as it is alleged that he committed suicide.

His family confirmed the news and released a statement, "He was deeply loved by his family, friend, and the entire entertainment industry. His love for family, friends, and community is well known. Riky's nurturing and developing of young musical talent is well documented and will forever be remembered," the family said in a statement.

The family revealed that they will be sharing the funeral and memorial details at a later stage.

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