Zodwa Wabantu: I know you call me ugly, I don't care money loves me!

Zodwa Wabantu's acceptance speech is the best thing we've heard in a minute.

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After winning the Drama Queen Of The Year Award at the Feather Awards Zodwa had some few words for her haters and she certainly did not mince those words.

Zodwa said that she's aware of the mean things people say to her on social media, including calling her ugly and comparing her looks to IFP president - Mangosuthu Buthelezi & Van Damme but that doesn't faze her at all because her face gets paid.

She also boasted that every time you see a poster of her, it means she just got paid R40,000. The crowd just erupted after that. She also continuously thanked DJ Tira for all he has done for her. 

Zodwa also shared that next year she'll be touring America and Australia.

Check the video below;

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DJ Tira went on to add his own comments by saying that he decided to give Zodwa a chance in the entertainment business as he could tell that she was a hard worker and quite focused at getting that money. We couldn't quite hear what Zodwa was saying after that, but she sure enjoyed slapping her butt.

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When it was time for her performance, she obviously had to show us her best signature moves and the crowd just loved her.

Watch as @zodwalibram joins @djtira on stage #FeatherAwards2017

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Zodwalebrim