The funniest tweets from Trevor Noah's $10 million penthouse purchase

Trevor Noah purchases property abroad and this is how South Africans re-act.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Trevor Noah 

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Trevor Noah

You have to love our fellow South Africans and their sense of humour, just after hearing the news of Trevor Noah's expensive and note-worthy purchase, South Africans went all out in congratulating the man.

By now you're probably aware of the news that Trevor Noah has reportedly bought a penthouse in New York worth $10 million.

The apartment is said to be 3,600-square-foot duplex nestled in the larney area of Manhattan.

Since hearing the news, many South Africans shared their excitement for Trevor as numerous congratulations tweets came flooding his way.

It's not only the congratulation tweets that caught our attention but also the funny tweets as well.

Like this Twitter user who automatically assumes that Trevor Noah's penthouse is an accommodation for every South African who will be visiting the States soon.

Trevor Noah

Yep, this is all of us right now.

trevor 3

This tweet is actually quite inspirational shout out to Cassper for the Bentley, Musa for becoming a medical doctor and building his parents a house.

Trevor Noah

Nope, he doesn't because he really has made it.

Trevor Noah 5

Congratulations Trevor!

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