Woolies Acknowledges Water Okes

Yes! amalgamate the boets

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

As much as we all have our differences towards social media we can't deny that it has opened up a lot of opportunities for people, especially for those who have used the platform to put a smile on others.

Just look at how many people have established careers because of social media. The likes of Moshe, Lasizwe and Farieda Metseling are just some of the few people who are enjoying the fruits of their labour thanks to that extra boost social media gave them.

And now it looks like the Woolies water okes might be the next batch of youngsters to become 2019's best internet sensation.

On Monday afternoon a video of a group of young guys drinking water they purchased from Woolworths went viral on social media.

The group of guys who are seen speaking in isiZulu suddenly develop a strong english accent with a twang after sipping on their bottles of Woolworths water.

The video was dubbed as the #WooliesWaterChallenge and caught the attention of many.

People shared and retweeted the video so many times that it even caught the attention of the retail store which has since reached out to the young gentlemen.

We can only wonder what Woolworths and the broers will be collaborating on, hopefully the advert will be about the importance of being hydrated.

The likes of DJ Fresh, Anele and Jessica Nkosi also shared and expressed how impressed they were at the amount of humour that this video had.

Anele commented by saying that the guys have single-handedly won the year with this video.

While Jessica Nkosi was excited that Woolworths has acknowledge these guys for this hilarious video.

Whereas DJ Fresh, thought that the video was exquisite.

Hopefully the guys will also get an interview on the Fresh Breakfast show soon?

We'll just have to wait and see.

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Main Image Credit: Twitter/@WoolworthsSA