Your favourtie Instagram shades are a retro comeback

Fashion never gets old 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

Nomuzi zi

If you have thought about chucking away those outdated sunnies, then think again because, in years to come, those very shades might be the coolest thing during that era.

Vintage sunglasses have made a massive comeback in recent times, more specifically smaller frame and tinted sunglasses.

This is a trend that has made a sweet comeback worldwide. Some of our favourite local celebrities have also ridden the wave of this trend, proving that when it comes to style, South African celebrities are up there with the rest of the world.


Now if you were born in the 90’s, then there is little doubt that you missed the “Boom Shaka era”, sure they were primarily famous for their stellar music records, however, that is not the only medium in which they expressed themselves in. They totally slayed on the fashion front as well, hence their sense of style was the envy of many. It is, therefore, befitting that today’s throwback page is taken from the group’s style book, especially the alpha females, Thembi Seete and the late Lebo Mathosa.

These stylish ladies rocked the “matrix sunnies” therefore today we are revisiting this era of sunglasses.

On today’s edition of Now & Then, we explore how our local celebrities are currently re-inventing the whole style narrative of vintage sunglasses compared to how the older generation of legendary celebs interpreted this retro trend back in the day.

#1 K.O stays killing the game with his small-frame sunglasses collection.


#2 Bonang Matheba is never one to shy away from trends. She paired her “matrix inspired sunnies” with formal wear. Now that’s dope.

Bonang Matheba shades

#3 Anatii never disappoints when it comes to style. These oval shaped coloured lenses were most definitely a must have back then as they are now.


He's also quite the fan of the "matrix inspired sunnies."


#4 Manthe Ribane knows her shade game all too well. These vintage shades are timeless.


#5 Nomoozlie is looking all sorts of gangster in these retro shades.

Moozlie shades

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Main Image credit: Instagram/@Moozlie