5 Zalebs Living With Skin Conditions

These SA stars are imperfectly perfect!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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We love that these Zalebs are living their truth and embracing their flaws...they're imperfectly perfect!

We have so much respect for the fact that not only are they open about living with acne, but they also have encouraging words for fans and followers who face the same struggles.

Here are 5 Zalebs living with acne...

Lady Zamar

Despite coming under heavy criticism from fans and stars like Babes Wodumo, Lady Zamar has turned her battle with acne into a way to inspire others to love their best lives.

The Love Is Blind singer said in an Instagram post; "I am grateful that it’s just acne and I’m grateful I can wake up every day to fight this battle for my skin back.. I will inspire thousands to feel good about themselves not by changing of faking it but by living and fighting the battle every day, by not giving up and not backing down".
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Carly Fields

The former YoTV star recently confessed to using app filters to hide her adult acne. She also vowed to embrace her flaws in an effort to motivate her two young daughters.

"I admit it, I use an app to remove my pimples and wrinkles almost all the time. I don’t know why- I’m ashamed of it....It’s time I learned to embrace my adult acne, sun-damaged and aging skin!” she said in a social media post.
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SA export Nakhane has been very vocal about living with acne, even proclaiming he refuses treatment because "we need pop stars with acne scars".

The We Dance Again singer told Nylon magazine; "When I was a teenager, I had quite bad acne and someone said to me, you should try get some laser. I said no, we need a pop star with acne scars.
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Motsoaledi Setumo

The star came to the defense of Lady Zamar with her own confession that she too suffered from terrible breakouts that almost made her quit her acting career.

The former Generations actress tweeted; “My acne got so bad in 2016 and tweeps had me for breakfast, lunch and supper! I even thought of quitting the show I was on because I just couldn’t take it. That sh*t hurt AF,” she tweeted.

Lalla Hirayama

The Vuzu presenter may look picture perfect, but that's far from the truth when it comes to her health.

Lalla suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) of which side effects include acne, weight gain, bloating and body pain.

She told Sunday Times; “I thought it was just a phase. But I had acne on my chest, back and neck, and hair in unwanted places, so eventually I couldn’t ignore it."
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