Rouge & AKA Have A Hit On Their Hands

Rapper Rouge & AKA collaborate & fans are buzzing

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | AKA 

Rouge the rapper, has gotten a lot of buzz within a couple of seconds- after she announced her collaboration with non other than, the SupaMega, AKA.

Rouge definitely got her fans their wigs snatched when she and AKA simultaneously mentioned on their socials that they have a song together early this morning.

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Both sets of fandoms were unexpectedly surprised by the announcement but were quick to jump on the bandwagon and show off their excitement.

Rouge is one of Mzansi's top female rappers and she just collaborated with one of the country's top male rappers - AKA. AKA had previously talked about working with Rouge and it seems he was serious enough to make the time for it.

She took to social media to let everyone know that she has indeed worked with him and is excited for fans to hear what they cooked up. The song is anticipated to be released soon and Rouge's admirers cannot wait.

In true AKA style, he mentioned in an interview that Rouge was the best rapper and could take on a lot of the male rappers- expect for him. Rouge laughed off the joke in a tweet:

Other than  that, her fans are super excited on what the collaboration might turn out like but either way- the excitement for the collaboration, we didn't know we needed is at an all time high.

After all the questions about the release of the track, Rouge was clearly listening and dropped this tweet:

The cover art is already giving us Men In Black feels, so you know the track is about to be lit with that 90's feel. But who knows? Whatever route the duo have taken- we're here for it.

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