Black Motion Puts Fans At Ease

They are not splitting, just undergoing a few branding changes

By  | May 01, 2022, 08:27 AM  | Black Motion 

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Almost every year Mzansi is shook by a surfacing rumour about a possible split of the musical duo that is Black Motion. Earlier last week, the band trended on Social Media after an entertainment commentator falsely reported that Thabo Mabongwa popularly known as Smol and Bongani Mahosana aka Murdahbongz who make up Black Motion have parted separate ways.

Musa Khawula took to his Twitter account on Friday reporting that “Black Motion have split.” Musa’s tweet was a speculation following, he wrote, “The duo recently cancelled a show in New York and at another gig, Thabo was booked alone without Bongani Mohasana.”

Black Motion has since released an official statement on their brand account on Instagram setting the record straight regarding this rumour. They have confirmed that these rumours are untrue, that they are not splitting, and will continue working together as a group for more years to come.

The official statement released by Black Spirit reads; “This comes after damaging and untrue rumours that emerged on 29 April 2022, that Black Motion has split on social media by an account only known as Musa Khawula. Spirit Motion would like to state in a record that Black Motion members Thabo Mabongwa aka Smol and Bongani Mahosana aka Murdahbongz have not parted ways. Black Motion still exists and has plans for more years to come.”

The statement continued to read and address a few branding changes that the bandmates have taken in their individual capacities as solo brands. “The only change which does not affect the change is that Murdah has rebranded himself from Murdah to Morda. This is because he is preparing to launch his solo career as a DJ but still remains part and parcel of Black Motion.”

They have also mentioned that Smol will also be venturing into other business ventures alone which will only be announced officially when they are solidified.

In a much more exciting light after these rumours, the duo will be making their comeback with a new album that promises a fresh sound and feels altogether. “A new album with new sounds and feel is in the making and we will soon announce other projects that Black Motion us working on.”

The statement closed off by thanking fans for their continuous support and further highlighting the untrue nature of the rumours surfacing, putting a lot of fans at ease.

The multi-award-winning duo was formed in 2010 and followed through with their debut album released in 2011 titled Talking to the Drums. When they were discovered by DJ Oskido in Angola, the duo was already at the peak of their career, as they were touring all over the world.

Some of the global stages they’ve performed in include New York, Paris and London where they often perform in sold-out shows for global house and dance fanatics.

Musa Khawula who was at the forefront of these rumours has also reported that the one half of Black Motion, Bongani, now known as Morda has allegedly been hateful and abusive towards musician Xoli Mazibuko who's popularly known as Xoli M. She's alleged to have even quit music because of the alleged abuse and victimization from Morda.

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