Shots Fired: Beef Gets Nasty

Will they ever settle their beef?

By  | Apr 19, 2021, 02:40 PM 

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Cassper Nyovest and DJ Speedsta's beef is far from being settled. Following last weekend's roast of Speedsta, Cassper chimed in and indirectly threw jabs at the DJ for his comments on Amapiano.

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Speedsta dissed the Amapiano genre as a whole saying the DJ's play the same songs at every gig. An astonished Speedsta said, "Piano DJ’s all play the same songs. John wick 4 times a night."

He received heaps of insults from angry Amapiano fans with many attacking his career saying Amapiano is more relevant. Cassper is a huge fan of the Yanos and he has featured in numerous projects so trust him to defend the genre.

He then retweet and commented with "Amen" at a comment from a tweep who dissed Speedsta by saying the Yanos has opened a whole lot of doors for people. Unlike the "gatekept" Hip Hop, Amapiano is allowing many people to gain an income and has taken music to a whole new level.

"Amapiano as an emerging genre is paining a lot of hip-hop artists like DJ Speedsta. Unlike the gatekeeped hip-hop industry, the Amapiano industry is making a whole lot of artists eat which is beautiful to see. Either you embrace this authentic South African sound or keep quiet," a tweep said.
He also retweeted the diss below:

Cass then praised the genre for the impact it has made, "Jealousy will always be there but there's no way you can control the Piano culture. The music doesn't live in radio or TV. It lives in people's hearts and in the street. The music does the talking."

Defending himself from the roast fest that took place, Speedsta said that Hip Hop only has one set at gigs so there's no way that the same songs can be repeated, "A few years ago, Yes. Not so much now. There’s only 1 main hip hop set at a party now so no need to repeat songs. A few years ago it used to be like that. You would want to arrive a bit early for your gig to hear what other guys are playing."

Their beef started when Speedsta lowkey said Cassper's album was wack, compared to new kid in the block Costa Titch.

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