Speedsta's Amapiano Diss Backfires

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DJ Speedsta is currently getting roasted on social media for his tweet which dissed Amapiano. The Hip Hop DJ is not new to the entertainment scene as he has been around for a while. The Amapiano genre has, however, taken over the club scenes but he has a major problem with that.

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The Metro FM DJ has taken a swipe at Amapiano saying the DJ's are playing the same tracks over and over again. "Piano DJ’s all play the same songs. John wick 4 times a night," he said with his hands over his head.

Tweeps were quick to remind the producer that he too as a Hip Hop DJ plays the same number of tracks but what's worse is that he plays old songs that bore the audience to death.

He defended his genre and said, "A few years ago, Yes. Not so much now. There’s only 1 main hip hop set at a party now so no need to repeat songs. A few years ago it used to be like that. You would want to arrive a bit early for your gig to hear what other guys are playing."

The reception was not quite what he expected and it became a roast-fest:
DJ Speedsta has stepped on a few toes in the industry including Cassper Nyovest and Nasty C after he called their albums wack. During an interview with Mac G, Nasty C said their beef started all because of a song.

"It was about more than that, I think he had some personal shit that he was going through and I don't know it seemed from a dark place, jealousy and envy all that shit and it's like with me I don't know you, I don't give a fuck how you feel. If you wanna go public then I'm gonna go public and actually tell people the real story,"

In a since-deleted tweet, Speedsta told Nasty to keep his name out of his interviews and let him know that his album "is sh8t" and "way too overhyped".

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