Denise Zimba is the type of friend who would wash your underwear

To us, she's one of the craziest media personalities we know, but according to her she's actually not.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Denise Zimba 

Denise Zimba

It's hard to think of Denise Zimba as boring. Every time she appears on screen we can't help but burst out into laughter, not because of the way she looks but because she can be a real joker and a true friend!

However, after ZAlebs caught up with her during the launch of Wedding Bashers, a new reality show where she will be travelling across South Africa to attend and judge the weddings featured on each episode she let us in on the things we actually didn't know about her.

Which also includes being very domesticated and that even means washing your didn't think Denise would do something like that now did you?

Now we don't know if she was actually telling us the truth when she mentioned this, but it sure was funny.

Here's more of the things we didn't know about Denise Zimba.

Image Credit: Instagram