Amanda Du Pont's Husband Has A Strong Message For Jub Jub

This after she accused him of rape and attempted murder

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After Amanda Du Pont's emotional video where she exposed Jub Jub for abusing her when they were together, people came in their numbers to offer support. Various hashtags such as #MuteJubJub have gained traction with people wanting him back in prison. One person who is also very furious is Amanda's husband Shawn Rodriques who sent a scathing message to Jub Jub.

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Sharing his wife's emotional video, Shawn told the Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub that he is a pig and he wishes he could burn in hell, "F**k you, pig. I can't wait until you f***ng burn in hell," he said and tagged Jub Jub.
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Shawn is very smitten with Amanda and he has even decorated his social media with pictures of them all loved up. They announced their engagement but never announced that they had tied the knot. It was only after Amanda penned a heartfelt message about her grandmother's passing where she revealed she is married.

"I lost my gogo last night if you know me well you’d know she was my fav. Everything in my body is aching and so painful But I’m happy you are resting and no longer in pain.

"She promised to wait until I was married before she passed. Over the last couple of years she would hint that she was getting tired. I’m married granny and I’m ok, hope you are too. Maye ngitakukhumbula! Rest in Perfect Peace," she wrote.

Amanda broke a lot of hearts when she revealed more on her relationship with Jub Jub. She alleged that she suffered abuse and rape and it happened for two years.

“No, you didn’t smash me, you raped me, you forcibly opened my legs, forced me myself for two years and made me believe that there was no way out. . The most painful part of all of this was that I was a virgin and I told him at the time. I told Jub Jub at the time that I was a virgin and I planned to be a virgin until the time I got married,” said a tearful Amanda.

Amanda said Jub Jub lied about what lead to their break up.

“So it is not true. I didn’t leave because I saw a picture. I left because he tried to kill me and I have always been afraid to leave because of the treats that were made but at that moment where he tried to kill me I knew the very thing I was afraid of, which was dying… I knew was meant to happen that day and I actually got away,” she continued.

She tried to report the abuse at the station but yet again, justice system failed her and a whole lot of women as well. 

When I got away I went to the police station to try and open a case of abuse and rape and attempted murder. The police officer said to me to go home and think about my decision because he is so sick and tired of women coming to him with their boyfriends and husbands only having to take them back,” she added.

Amanda fell pregnant but she had an abortion because she refused to accept a child that was forced on her, “I had an abortion of course because there was absolutely no way I would have a child that was forcefully given to me,” she added.

She also made another shocking claim saying the rape incidents sometimes happened when people were around so she wouldn't scream. " He would wait for there to be people to rape because it got boring just to rape me plain and at home. I remember the one time I had my siblings visiting from school and he would do it while they’re around in the same room so I wouldn’t scream. I want people to know the kind of person that I dealt with,” she said.

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