Mzansi Makes A Mockery Of Andile Mpisane’s Soccer Skills

It's not working out

By  | Feb 21, 2023, 05:27 AM  | Andile Mpisane  | Drama

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You might have picked up that Andile Mpisane has been trending since the weekend.
If you are confused about the actual reason he’s trending, don’t worry we’ll fill you in.
By now should know that Andile Mpisane is the Chairman of Royal AM and also the club captain.

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He does feature in games from time to time although he looks unfit. Whenever he does get onto the field, Mpisane tends to showboat and doesn’t look that much concerned about the overall performance of the team.
Over the weekend he attempted to demonstrate some skills which fans found hilarious.
In 2022, Andile Mpisane’s baby mama Sithelo Shozi claimed that Andile Mpisane used to beat her to a pulp every other week.

 “That was God saving me from eventually taking my own life. nothing has been more liberating. I saw God’s hand in my most valuable place.”
It is reported that Sithelo Shozi faced off with Andile Mpisane in the courtroom following allegations of gender-based violence.
When asked about the petition to grant her a protection order against Andile Mpisane, Sithelo tweeted.

"I feel the need to respond to this as I’m the one who asked the public for assistance for that petition & I’ve noted various people thinking I’ve been bribed to clear everything. False. GBV is a serious matter in this country and I will stand by my truth to the very end" wrote Sithelo Shozi.

 Following Sithelo’s allegations, Mamkhize issued a statement on Instagram, stating that should never do anything to put another woman’s life in danger,
"I personally have no grudges or any untoward feelings against the mother of my grandkids. She’s given me 2 beautiful grandchildren which binds us forever and I will always consider her to be like a daughter to me," she states.

"Nobody has been kicked out of any apartment nor have any kids been taken away from anybody. I remain committed to ensuring that my grandchildren grow up experiencing love from all sides and that they are well taken care of," she says.

"As a mother it is my job to guide and support my sons decisions. And I would like it to known that I will never choose for him. I’ve lived my life and learnt my lessons! I will never take away the opportunity for him to live his own life and learn his lessons along the way," she says.
The businesswoman also made it known that Andile and Sithelo had broken up.
"I accepted the mother of my grandchildren with all her flaws ,whilst the whole world was blaming me but because I fully understand that nobody is perfect. Out of respect for all parties involved I will not be going into the details of their private affairs. They have both moved on with their lives and will continue co-parenting for the sake of the children.
  "As a mother this is one of the happiest times in my life to be able to officially welcome home a daughter in law and for the newlyweds to start a new chapter in their lives. I do not want to ruin this moment for them,"
the statement read.
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