"Send Money! My Enemies Are After Me!"

Mzansi celebs join in on the #TinderSwindler challenge

By  | Feb 07, 2022, 04:14 PM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

Anele Mdoda
The latest Netflix series Tinder Swindler has taken the world by storm, and has birthed some of the best memes and jokes we have seen of late. And now Mzansi celebrities have joined in on the joke, an opportunity to show off their lavish lifestyles, under the hashtag #PostLikeSimon

The series is a documentary on Simon Leviev, an Israeli man who reinvented himself, gave himself many different monikers, and set out to scam many rich women off millions of dollars, by wooing them on the online dating site, Tinder. 

The show has sparked a lot of conversation around the globe, highlighting the risks of online dating, and the realities that many go through at the hands of scammers. It has served as a warning, not only to women who leave themselves open and vulnerable online, but to everyone who would trust a stranger enough to send them thousands or millions of dollars. 
But we live in a world that finds humour in even the most bleak of circumstances, and it didn’t take long before the cautionary tale was turned into a viral joke. As one of the swindler’s most catchy and memorable lines in the show was “Send money now! My enemies are after me. Peter is down”, the line has become a catch phrase as people post their enviable photos with the words as a caption. 

Radio personality Anele Mdoda has been having the most fun with the trend, which she even discussed on her radio show, Anele and The Club on 947, alongside her co-host, Frankie Du Toit. 
She led the pack with a picture of herself in a private jet, looking at her phone as though she was typing out the text. She was soon joined by other celebrities, most taking the cue from her. 

Have a look at the other celebs who have participated in the trend, including Somizi Mhlongo, Shashi Naidoo, Eva Modika, Khanya Mkangisa, and others. 

It’s great to see that we can all still find some humour and have fun with such a serious topic. The swindler was also recently online to post his own opinion of the Netflix documentary about him, which we have to say takes a lot of audacity. 

All jokes aside, though. There are scammers waiting to prey on the vulnerable out here. Even right here in Mzansi, infamous forex trader Grootman is still dealing with accusations of scamming people out of their money under the guise of trading for them. So be careful with who you send money to. 

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