The Ndlovu's On Marriages Trials & Tribulations

Where there is will, there is always a way

By  | Feb 07, 2022, 03:35 PM  | Hungani Ndlovu 

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Former Scandal! actors Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu shares their heartfelt views on difficulties that comes with marriages. This young couple took it to their YouTube channel 'The Ndlovu's Uncut' to relay some of the challenges they face on a daily basis. According to the Daily Sun, the pair expressed on their YouTube channel how they realized that marriages are no walk in the park and they didn't know it was so much of work.
The Ndlovu's are certainly Mzanzi's favorite young couple. They secretly tied the knot at an intimate wedding back in 2019, while both were still on eTV television soapie Scandal! The couple will be celebrating their third wedding anniversary in 2022.

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The couple recently took it to their social media platforms to announce one of their achievements thus far for being of the class of 2022 YouTube Black Voices Fund. This movement and initiation promotes mostly Black YouTube content creators while elevating their voices to soar against the imbalance and unfairness that rises where race is concerned.

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On their YouTube channel 'The Ndlovu's Uncut', the pair opened up about realizing how they had to compromise each one's beliefs and ways of doing things in life in order to share it as a unit. The couple went on to relaying that at some point they even considered of ditching their marriage because they couldn't handle the heat. YFM DJ Khutso Theledi recently revealed on the radio show that her and Hungani are actually cousins. Theledi went to confirm that she was very proud of Ndlovu.

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The pair recently got fans talking when their shared some of the most intimate details of their relationship. On their YouTube channel 'The Ndlovu's Uncut', the pair touched based with somewhat is everyone's talking but not everyone is talking about. Both Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu talked about whether size does matter in relationship. Fans responded very well to the episode because they finally got the inside scoop to this mostly secretive couple.

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It is a known fact that in most marriages, there are up and downs and the couple is only coming to terms with that recently. Because before they got married they mentioned that it was almost smooth sailing. However once they became husband and wife they had a lot of compromising and sacrificing to do.

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Both Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu are learning as they go and overcoming all the difficulties they are encountering in their marriage. The pair continues to engage in the most robust, educational and entertaining topics and content on their YouTube channel. The pair also juggles between shooting for television and partaking in stage plays and theatre to promote their craft. 

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