Black Coffee Gets Dragged For Booking 'Themba' After Rape Scandal

He is being called a 'rape accused' supporter

By  | Mar 11, 2021, 12:48 PM  | Black Coffee  | Drama

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Time and time again cancel culture is one that works only for a few people. The ordinary citizens get stripped off their livelihoods whilst famous people have their problems swept under the rug. Life then continues as normal.

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Podcaster Mac G said it best that cancel culture only works against the few famous people. This after he got dragged for using homophobic slurs on one of his episodes. Many people called for him to get cancelled but he hit back hard.

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The rape saga between friends DJ Fresh and Euphonik might have cost them their radio jobs at 947 and Primedia, however it was not enough to get them completely cancelled by their fellow industry mates. Birthday man DJ Black Coffee is trending, partly because he is celebrating his 45th birthday, but also because he has included his friend DJ Euphonik in the line-up for his Deep In The City birthday celebration.

'Grootman' shared the poster for his birthday celebration but one thing that grabbed everyone's attention, causing their jaws to drop was the fact the Euphonik was booked for the event. Black Coffee got dragged for using his real name 'Themba' which was also seen as a way of diverting the attention away from the fact that he booked his friend after being accused of rape.

Tweeps are livid by this and some said; " So Black coffee put DJ Euphonik on the line up and called him Themba as if we wouldn't notice....Smh."

Another asked, "Was using his name Themba (& not Euphonik) a way to not show people that you’re actively supporting an abuser?"

"Less than a year ago you wanted to organize a March against GBV, when women said you cannot do it you were offended. If Themba is the same person accused of rape & further bullied the victim on SM.I hope now you understand why you couldn’t be an alliance," said a distraught woman.

Many came to his defense and said Euphonik has been using the name Themba for some time now even for gigs. "Euphonik has been going as Themba for some years now. Check a mixtape with him and Black Coffee on YouTube. It goes few years back. Don't Drag Black Coffee into this," said a supporter. Black Coffe has not responded.
The disappointment comes from the fact that Black Coffee was one of the most vocal male figures to stand up against gender based violence against women and children. Politician Naledi Chirwa reminded Fresh of this and posted the poster he created when he organised the march. Responding to the backlash of his efforts, he said "damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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