Bonang: I'm not on drugs!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

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Fame comes with a lot of good and bad things. While some people admire and look up to celebrities, others seem to be on the look out for the negative stuff. Some people even go as far as fabricating stories just to ruin other people's reputations.

That's exactly the kind of situation that  Bonang Matheba has found herself in. There have been whispers in the industry around her allegedly "doing drugs" for some time now. But the radio and TV personality, who is always on top of her game, is really not about that life.

She set the record straight in a recent interview with Drum magazine. She told the mag: "I'm not on drugs." She added: "If I was, I would be late for work, interviews and shoots. You would have seen me with a runny nose and red or glassy eyes."

She told the mag that she's waiting for someone to come forward with a picture or confirm with certainty when they saw her doing drugs. "I get my high from my passion for the job and wanting to have a good life. That's why I work so hard and, at times, I'm dog-tired."

We hope that clears it up, guys. Bonang is not on drugs so can we please let this rumour go? 

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