Gomora: Gladys Finally Confesses To Killing Langa

Is it over for her marriage?

By  | Sep 24, 2021, 09:20 PM  | Thembi Seete  | Drama

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Tonight's episode of Gomora was a saucy one. After a long time and a whole lot of hesitation, Gladys has indirectly told her husband Melusi that she is the one responsible for the fire that claimed the life of his love child, Langa.

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Of course Gladys was not aware of this and she just kept spilling all the tea thinking she is speaking to her unborn child. Bad move. How do you spill all your tea, very incriminating at that while facing the other side of the entrance. Sis played her self truthfully.

heard everything and we just aren't sure if this may be the push he needed to leave and be with Thati all the way through because we all know who and what he wants and that is definitely not his pregnant, murderer of a wife.

Gladys was venting to her unborn child, telling her or him that she is not willing to lose Melusi to Thati not after the lengths she has gone to make sure he stays and commits to his family with him.

In a surprising turn of events, Gladys' fans who fondly call themselves Gladiators are actually happy that this has finally happened because Melusi will definitely run to his soulmate and this may leave Gladys in a vulnerable position leading to a miscarriage. They are rooting for the love birds in a hard and steady way.

These were some of the reactions on Twitter:

"While other mothers are telling their unborn babies they can't wait to meet them Gladys is telling hers she's a murderer. Hectic!"

"The truth is out Partying faceMan cartwheeling☺ Mel now knows Glady's killed Langa. Melusi can now divorce uGlady's and go live happily with his one and only love (uThathi). Glady's is going to have a miscarriage"
Ntokozo will definitely flip because he worked so hard to make sure his mom does not tell the truth and now she just blurted out the whole thing when she has already written everything in her journal. Sis is trying to give us a heart attack honestly.

Before this, Gladys was busy trying to throw her hands on Thati because sis just keeps going after her man and it has become pretty annoying. Gladys is very spicy and will make sure that her husband's mistress is put to shame for her shenanigans.

We have got to admit though that Thati does seem like she wants to be everywhere Melusi is and is still tryna nail her man back to her arms. The sad part is that students of Gomora High are dragged into this and they see all this mess which has got to be a problem well according to us anyway.

We hope Monday will be a better day because we honestly cannot afford to have even more chest pains fore the whole of next week, AGAIN.

Let's not forget that on Monday Gomora's season 1 will be airing on Mzansi Wethu. Season 1 will air Mon - Fridays at 19h30 on the channel and those that did not get to watch the first season are definitely in for a treat.

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