Bongani Zungu Caught Up In House Payment Drama

The footballer was told to "pay up" by banks

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Bongani Zungu  | Drama

Bongani Zungu might be living it up and earning big cheques in Europe, but his South African affairs are in need of some serious tender loving care.

The football star was forced to intervene after banks swooped on his home and threatened to repossess his estate because he fell behind on payments.

Bongani Zungu's relationship with the South African audience has been an interesting one, at best. Although he's best-known for his skills on the field, his exploits off of it tend to grab the most attention. We saw this in 2016 when he infamously trended after accidentally leaking an uncensored video showing off his private parts. He's also been dogged by relationship drama over the years but this hasn't stopped him from living his best life.

Unfortunately, that best life has been a little too distracting and it appears as if the Amiens (a team in France) player has now fallen behind on his home repayments as a result.

According to court papers, Zungu was also avoiding the court's calls. The bank's lawyers were quoted as saying, “The plaintiff placed 36 telephone calls to the defendant to discuss bringing the defendant’s arrears under the loan agreement to date. The plaintiff’s attorneys attempted to reach a payment arrangement with the defendant on four separate occasions."

Reports in this weekend's Sunday World claim that the footballer owed the bank over 10% of his R1.2 million bond after falling behind on payments for a number of months. He missed a number of his R15,000 payments and when the bank threatened to take him to court he had to intervene immediately and paid the entire R156,000 debt.

Once he settled his debt, Zungu and his team explained the misunderstanding. They said: “It was a clear mix-up and a lack of communication as his account couldn’t be debited because he changed his banking details when he moved to France.”

2019 has been a year for celebrities and house drama. Heavy K was reported as being close to being kicked out of his home while the banks also made an effort to repossess HHP's property.

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