MaCele: What people say about me does not affect me

She's become the least favourite wife of all the Mseleku wives but MaCele could not care less.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Busisiwe "MaCele" Mseleku  | Drama


Last week, viewers of UthandoNesthembu could no longer tolerate MaCele anymore as she continued to voice her opinions about the ongoings of the Mseleku house-hold.

MaCele has been seen as bossy and rude by some of the viewers whilst other people think that she is just honest and doesn't beat around the bush for anyone.

During an interview with Daily Sun MaCele mentioned that she really doesn't care what people say or think about her as what she is portraying in the reality show is exactly what any other person is going to experience should they get involved in a polygamous relationship.

"What they say about me doesn't affect me, you know why? Because whoever is going to be in a polygamy, what I'm showing there is exactly what is going to be happening. It doesn' matter if it's going to be the first wife or the second wife who does it, but it's happening and it's there. So whether it's a negative or positive comment I take it as a compliment." Said MaCele.

On this week's episode of #UthandoNesthembu we witness MaCele once again express her honest opinion about herself and her marriage to Musa Mseleku. And judging from the short insert we saw last week, it definitely looks like MaCele has a lot to get off her chest.

Some people are still revved up about what she said on last week's episode:

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