Cassper Accused Of Selfishly Hogging The Spotlight

He says he doesn't want to put new artists on

By  | Jan 09, 2022, 01:52 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Image of Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest is no stranger to catching heat online, and it’s always for a different reason. This time, he has been accused of being selfish, and wanting to hog the Mzansi spotlight. 

The rapper recently announced that he would be working on dropping a new album in 2022, and the excitement from his fans was palpable. They scrambled into his comments to congratulate him, while some asked for a chance to be featured in the album, either as fellow musicians, or as vixens in the music videos. 
Naturally, the conversation led people to talk about the merit of finding new artists and putting them on. As a rapper with a big name and presence in the country, it is not hard to see why some would expect Cass to give back to society by uplifting aspiring artists. 

Cassper created a Twitter Space to have a conversation on bringing on new acts into the industry. But it was not the sunshine and rainbows that Mzansi was expecting. 

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The Siyathandana hitmaker spoke openly, saying that he was always reluctant to pick up new talents and hitch them to his wagon. He said it is hard to know how it will turn out with a new artist, and he was skeptical about having someone under his name, because it does not always turn out well. 

“It’s not that easy to put people on. It’s not as practical as you think it is. And people and personalities are different… You get here and the guy starts doing drugs. Now YOU brought him here. What then?” He explained

He also gave a hypothetical situation in which an artist he put on would get caught up in a rape scandal, which would reflect badly on him. The participants in the Space seemed to empathize with his concerns, but as the clip went viral online, not many were as understanding. 
Fans do not understand why he would imagine the blowback would be on him if an artist misbehaved in the industry. They even had multiple examples of artists who were put on by industry bigwigs, and when it went bad, it did not reflect badly on their “godfathers”. 

Tweeps therefore concluded that Cassper was just trying to front an excuse, but it was a pathetic one. They think he just does not want to share the spotlight, and might be afraid that someone new in the industry will threaten his position at the top. 

It is unfortunate, according to tweeps, that he would be so unwilling to offer his wisdom about the industry, seeing as he has been in it long enough to master it. His fans feel rather disappointed in him, as they feel they held him to a higher standard, which he has failed. 

Whatever you think of Cassper’s reason, it is his, and he has every right to be careful of who gets attached to his name. But maybe he may need a lesson or two in how to manage new artists without automatically attaching their character to his? 

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