Cassper Comes To Uncle Waffles' Rescue

"Let her have her moment!"

By  | Nov 22, 2021, 12:18 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Uncle Waffles has not had an easy one these past few months. With tweeps dragging her name left right and center, it seems this female deejay can never catch a break! TV host and media personality Cassper Nyovest, has therefore wowed many after he came to her rescue. I mean, who would have thought? 

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For many, Uncle Waffle’s success and rise to stardom is not of her own accord. Apparently, Uncle Waffles is only famous because she is constantly playing Young Stunna’s Adiwele hit song, and yet the fame is not going back to the artist himself.

In a tweet, a tweep took to accuse Uncle Waffles of using Young Stunna’s hard work to shine. Especially because the female deejay is already verified on Twitter and yet Young Stunna is not. It was not that long ago when this verification button landed Uncle Waffles in the hands of angry tweeps who argued why she was verified before Prince Kaybee who is way older than her in the industry.

This accusation saw Cassper put on his “cape” to defend Uncle Waffles. In a tweet, the media personality said that it's not Uncle Waffles’ fault that the video trended when she played it, neither is it her fault that she is famous because of the song.

All Uncle Waffles did was do what she does best and therefore there is no need to drag her name for it. He also added that seeing that Waffles has been going through a shady period on Twitter, tweeps should just let her have her moment. 

Tweeps have taken to Cassper’s comment section to say otherwise. For them, they still believe that it’s time Uncle Waffles danced to a different tune altogether, and that she should stop riding on someone else’s work.

For those who are Uncle Waffles loyal fans, they seem to agree with Cassper that they should all just leave the deejay alone. To them, they believe that the same people always hyping Uncle Waffles up during her gigs are the same ones who come and troll her on twitter for no apparent reason.

While Uncle Waffles has not actively come forward to address all these accusations, it seems she continues to chase the bag whether or not it is out of Young Stunna’s work or not.

Despite being dragged so many times before, her fans seem to continue rallying behind her and still continue to name her Africa’s best female deejay. Do you agree?

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