Did Podcast And Chill Go Too Far This Time?

Even loyal chillers think it feels wrong

By  | Mar 15, 2022, 03:22 PM  | Sol Phenduka  | Drama

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Podcast and Chill with MacG is known for telling it exactly like it is, whether good or bad, and although the hosts have gotten a lot of hate for it, it is also why they have such loyal fans. But this time, even the fans were enraged, and feel like they may have gone too far. 
As we know, in their Monday episode, the podcast usually does a recap of the previous week’s events all over the country, then gives their own takes on the top trending topics. This week, they handled the whole Zola 7 matter. 

Talking about Shauwn Mkhize, who came under fire for the manner in which she reached out to Zola 7 to assist him, they said that it was all too dramatic of her. 

What did you think about Mamkhize going there and doing the whole PR thing?MacG asked. 

Yeah but it became also extra. It was just so Mamkhize style,” Ghost Lady responded. 
Sol Phenduka chimed in, comparing the whole thing to how football players are paraded and given envelopes at the end of the game – all too much publicity. “We are giving you this amount of cash, everybody needs to see it.”
There was also a lot of confusion in earlier reports, as some stated that Shauwn had gifted Zola the Bentley he drove in the video clips they both shared on Instagram. But MacG did not think that happened, saying that if she had gifted him a car, she would have made sure that we all knew it, by publicising the moment when she handed him the car keys. 
It seems that their comments may have pitted two equally strong fanbases against each other: Chillers and Mamkhize fans. The mentions of the video were filled with people complaining that they did not need to go there. “At least she helped” was the most common sentiment, and fans felt like it was wrong for them to be hating on someone who had actually done something.
Unrelated to the Mamkhize and Zola 7 story, some fans of the podcast also felt like the episode was just bad in general – perhaps one of their weakest ones yet. Some felt like it wasn’t as thoroughly prepared as others usually are.
Other fans just feel like the show may be slowly losing its touch. While they can’t quite put their finger on it, it is off, and they can’t shake the feeling. One tried to explain it, and said that the show has only been focusing on hating and trolling people, and adding no real value like it used to before.
What do you think? Are they going a little too far now? 
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