Cassper Nyovest Hits Back At MacG's 'Wild' Claims

MacG alleged that Thobeka had an affair with Andile Mpisane

By  | Jan 11, 2022, 02:45 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Cassper Nyovest has responded to MacG's wild claims which he made on Podcast And Chill, regarding his family.

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It's very rare for Cassper to not trend on social media and it has gotten to a point where he thinks people use his name for clout or for marketing purposes. Podcast And Chill returned for episode 314 on Monday afternoon and it caused chaos on social media.

What was seen as a deliberate strategy to get people talking and get their numbers up, sadly took a left turn when a child got involved. Now, trolls are coming after Cassper's son Khotsho, mocking and trolling his paternity.

This was caused by MacG's claims that Cassper's baby mama Thobeka Majozi allegedly had an affair with Andile Mpisane. He did not stop there, he also went on to say that Cassper Nyovest also allegedly slept with Kamo Mphela - who according to MacG, also slept with Andile Mpisane.

When the rumours first made rounds, Cassper Nyovest said people do not care anymore because they just say things loosely.

"Nobody cares anymore. People just say and do things for traction. It's wild. I fear for the ones we are raising. The ones we have to teach. What will they learn from us?"

The entrepreneur tried to deviate the conversation away from his family but his followers continued to drill him for another response or reaction. A follower said MacG is notorious for making things up and not naming his sources. Cassper hit back and said "Aye man. Ni**as really don't give a f**k hey," and added that he tries his level best to keep his family away from the negative spotlight and the lies they bring. He also added that he feels powerless because he cannot do anything about it. He plans on continuing with his life and letting God handle things.

MacG returned for another episode of Podcast And Chill and he dropped some major bombs about Cassper, Andile Mpisane, Thobeka Majozi and Kamo Mphela, "I heard he (Andile) is allegedly sm***ing Cassper's wife," said MacG.  "And Cassper is apparently sm***ng Kamo Mphela, who he (Andile Mpisane) was sm***ng," he then added.

Nota, who is not Cassper's favourite person, also took a jab at him and said he should probably deactivate his account.

"Mac G basically rehashed an allegation first made by Maphephandaba in February 2021… 11months have passed & now Tsibipians are up in arms trying to cancel #PodcastAndChill the same way they failed to cancel Boohle… Why don’t they attack Andile Mpisane? He’s the pied piper here!"

"You losers are determined to raise your kids in broken homes… You just don’t want to have functional families. I knew the boy wasn’t ready to be a man when he turned his house into a dig instead of a place to raise a kid. Maybe deep down he wasn’t sure it’s his. Time to grow up!"

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