Andile Mpisane And Thobeka's Alleged Affair

But wait...Cassper and Kamo Mphela as well?

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The wait is finally over as the Podcast And Chill team returns with an explosive first episode of 2022. In the studio, MacG and Sol Phenduka and The Ghost dropped some bombs nobody expected.

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In the first episode of 2022 on Mzansi's favourite YouTube podcast, MacG and the team made some startling allegations about four of your favourite ZAlebs. While discussing the events which took place when they were on a hiatus, they landed on the topic of Andile Mpisane and his love life which apparently included Cassper Nyovest's baby mama Thobeka Majozi.

MacG alleged that Andile Mpisane was involved with Thobeka Majozi and this left the hosts stunned. "I heard he is allegedly sm***ing Cassper's wife," said MacG. A very shocked Ghost Lady then added that Andile Mpisane bought all of Cassper's alcohol, Billiato, to make it seem as though they are in good terms.

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MacG then further went to mention Kamo Mphela saying she and Cassper were allegedly seeing each other on a romantic level as well. "And Cassper is apparently sm***ng Kamo Mphela, who he (Andile Mpisane) was sm***ng," said MacG who then added that it is wild out there.

Andile Mpisane and Kamo Mphela had been rumoured to be dating countless times but the rumours died down after he married Tamia Louw-Mpisane.

Sol Phenduka then said he suspected that such a thing might have occurred because Thobeka was apparently MIA from his Billiato launch at his mansion. People noticed that Thobeka was also very mum about his event, was not present during his fight with Slik, although she did express how proud she was of him, did not wish him a Happy Birthday and just generally did not post anything about Cassper. They were however together for Christmas.

The Podcast and Chill team also stated how Thobeka Majozi is from a super rich family, just like Andile Mpisane is from one as well.

Watch the clip from the whole episode below:

Watch the full episode of the podcast here.

As absurd as this might sound, people on social media are trying to connect the dots from all the past events which have taken place. Even on Podcast And Chill, Sol pointed out that when Cassper was living it up in Cape Town flaunting his McLaren, he bragged about chilling with the "hunnies" which is not something a man in a loving relationship would say.

Let's start with an alleged fight between Sithelo Shozi and Thobeka Majozi. Thobeka hosted an event in December which was organised by Andile Mpisane, alongside Shaun Stylist and Mathephelo Khoza. People at the event took to gossip pages to reveal that Sithelo allegedly attacked Thobeka Majozi and in the process smashed windows and the damages are to the amount of R200 000.

Watch the YouTube video about the fight here.

Then secondly we have Cassper Nyovest and Kamo Mphela's friendship which grew even stronger over the past few months. Cassper Nyovest even said in an interview that Kamo Mphela is so hot that Drake or Tory Lanez might even want to sm**sh her.

He then had her on his Braai Show and sometimes gives her a shout out. But one of the things which makes people more suspicious is the reason for Cassper's anger when he decided to fight Slik Talk on December 22, 2021.

If you may recall, Slik Talk body shamed Kamo Mphela and this made even his supporters turn their backs on him. Cassper was then adamant on beating Slik Talk in the ring because of how he disrespected Kamo Mphela.

Thirdly, we have the whole McLaren issue which scream 'rich people problems.' Cassper for his birthday splurged on expensive gifts and one of them include a brand new McLaren. He bragged and boasted about it, saying he is the only person in Mzansi who actually owns this car.

But Andile Mpisane pulled a "hold my beer" and bought his own McLaren in another colour. He pulled the ultimate flex on Cassper when he bought the entire stock of Billiato at Konka in Soweto.

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