"Fake Humble" Cassper Dragged

Why must everything be about Mufasa?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Black Twitter is not happy with Cassper Nyovest right now after the rapper tweeted arrogantly about his influence in hip hop. Mufasa described himself as the "Benchmark" of hip hop and let's just say one or two people disagreed.

24-hours after his rival performed at the sold-out #AKAOrchestraOnTheSquare, Nyovest decided to issue a response to one of those "Unpopular Opinion" posts which fill up our timeline (along with the O Jewa Ke Engs) every morning.

Except this one was specifically about him:

And the "usually humble" Cassper Nyovest replied with all the pomp of an overly confident rapper when he shared his own unpopular opinion on, um, himself...:

The timing of the tweet (remember the AKA thing we just mentioned?) as well as the flat-out arrogance on display rubbed people up the wrong way, with many suggesting that Cassper couldn't let other rappers enjoy a bit of spotlight.

Cassper, for what its worth, refused to reign in his boasting. Many people thought he was showing off but he believed that he needed to toot his own horn because nobody else was going to.

The rapper replied:

"Yall dont understand how important it is to love your dam self. That's the only way to be happy.  Speak highly of yourself. Settle into your greatness. Don't let nobody tell you any different.  You're the shit!!!!"

The discussion rumbled into the morning, and Cassper ended it on an emphatic note, saying:

Do you think Cassper Nyovest deserves to gas himself up like this?

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