"That Bulls*** Is Not Worth It"

It's time for Cassper and AKA to reconcile

By  | Feb 25, 2022, 10:29 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Cassper Nyovest/AKA
Cassper Nyovest and AKA have one of the longest celebrity rivalries in Mzansi. What started out as a relatively petty disagreement grew into a full blown rivalry, but now fans are ready to see an end to it all. 
The two of them used to be on better terms when Cassper was new and just coming up in the industry. In an old interview with News 24, AKA revealed that the beginning of their rivalry was rather juvenile, and he also didn't see why they started beefing in the first place. 

Having admitted that, he still went on to emphasize that, since it had since blown up, it had become one of those hip hop industry things. Their rivalry has come to define each of their careers, at least partly. Therefore, he certainly wouldn't back down now, because his ego wouldn't allow it. 

But if there's anything we've learned this week, it's that we are all living on borrowed time. Iconic rapper Riky Rick met his untimely death, and Mzansi is still in shock. But key among those fans were concerned about when the news broke, was Cassper. 

Cassper and Riky also used to be good friends, connected by their love for hip hop. But they, too, fell out. The last time either of them spoke about their beef, they both admitted to it being petty. And even though Mufasa wrote a song about him, Riky had gone on record to say he held no grudges, and completely understood why Cass did it. Cassper, on the other hand, said that he looked forward to the day when the two of them would patch things up and connect on another level as parents, even if they never got to reconnect as artists. 

Now Riky is gone, and Cassper won't get his chance to reconcile, which is a real tragedy. Which is why fans are now adamant that it's time for Cass and AKA to bury the hatchet. 

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AKA recently spoke up about struggling with depression, and even said he was on antidepressants, which he finally took himself off. He said that men in this country are going through a lot, and he asked people to be kinder. 

And in light of what Makhadzi said about celebrities feeling lonely and having nobody to talk to, perhaps the best people for male celebrities to confide in and open up to would be each other. They understand what the other is going through, and would be able to empathize better than any of their fans ever could. 
Could you imagine the friendship and music that would bless us if these two reconciled? Maybe it's time for them to set aside their big egos and sit together, if not for themselves, then for Riky. 
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