Chillers Drag SABC For Move Against MacG

"We don't need you anyway"

By  | Dec 07, 2021, 07:55 AM  | Drama

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Just recently, MacG was put on the spotlight after his episode with Jub Jub on his Podcast and Chill show. It was after Amanda Du Pont released a statement exposing Jub Jub’s abuse allegations that Black Twitter decided to go after the podcaster.

Not long after, many other celebrities came to MacG for his interview which only led to an epic rant from a visibly upset MacG. In his most recent live episode on the podcast, MacG hit back at all his naysayers, telling them that if the content is not appealing to them, then they are free to consume content that they actually want.

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It was also during this episode that MacG shared about what had happened to him at SABC, where he was a presenter shooting a new show.

“They called me bro, I didn't audition, I didn't go on there and say I wanna be on the show… they wanted me on the show. So we’re shooting it the whole week when all of this was unfolding, and then Amanda dropped the video, and the next day we’re busy shooting … then Mellow and Sleazy are like we’re not shooting an episode if this guy’s on it … their manager said they’re not shooting an episode if this guy is on it...”  said MacG

This revelation has not sat so well with chillers and other fans of the podcast. Now many have taken to Twitter to demand a response from SABC saying that they want MacG reinstated as the presenter of the show. Why would they want to even cancel him when they are the ones who head- hunted him in the first place?

Chillers agree that even if they do not call him back on the show, no broadcaster could match up to the work MacG is doing. And while cancel culture may have also wanted to come at SABC, MacG was clear enough when he said, it’s not the show that needs to be attacked, rather those who exposed themselves during the interview. 

During the episode MacG also went ahead to promise the two artists Mellow and Sleazy that in as much as they feel they’re rocking right now, their time will come when no one will want to hear what they have to say, and then they will be the ones looking for MacG.

“So Mellow and Sleazy they're rocking now. Wait until the industry and the system f**ks them up, which platform are they going to go to to tell their story? And we’ll welcome them! It’s not about us! We have no issues with anybody” 

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