"Sol Phenduka Is Not Baby Number 4"

Dineo gets dragged for filth by Slik Talk

By  | Aug 03, 2022, 03:05 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

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The Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka drama has escalated so much to the point where they have been trending for two days straight. Slik Talk has chimed in on the matter and called Dineo out for making Sol his fourth child and not treating him with the respect he deserves.

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Slik Talk has weighed in on the drama which has rocked Twitter for the past 2 days. Apparently, Dineo Ranaka has been taking the spotlight away from Sol by talking over him and not giving him a chance to speak. 

He apparently has to raise his hands before he could speak, so Slik Talk weighed in and said Dineo needs to recognise Sol as her colleague and not her friend or someone beneath her. 

"My boy was being treated like a toddler. I'm talking about being treated like a kindergarten toddler. Disrespect all the way by Dineo Ranaka. Sol Phenduka cannot talk, he cannot ask a question, he has to raise his hands. Dineo let me give you a reality check, we all know you have 3 baby daddies, and we not going to hold it against you, Sol Phenduka is not baby number 4 nor is he baby daddy number 4. You have to treat that man with respect, because he is your co-worker.

"It's 50/50, it's not your show, it's not the Dineo Ranaka Breakfast show. I can tell Kaya FM did not do their homework because Dineo is the same person that tried to get Sol fired from Podcast and Chill. She feels threatened," said Slik Talk. 

A fan even wrote an open letter to Kaya FM asking the station to warn Dineo to allow Sol some more air time. 

"We write to you as listeners of Kaya 959 to express our concerns as we have been frequently observing and listening to the unacceptable and toxic behaviour of Dineo Ranaka."

Listeners are said to not be able to enjoy Sol's talent as a broadcaster because of "the continuous outbursts and constant interruptions by Dineo."

"Even if it's your first time listening to Dineo and Sol on the show, one can simply stipulate who's trying to outsmart or overpower the other one.

“All the time Sol speaks, he's been cut off. That’s very disrespectful and such toxic behaviour will not by any means be accepted on this immaculate platform that Sol is adding major value on,” the letter continues.

“Dineo Ranaka is great and we are not here to cancel nor bash her, we also appreciate her skills. But most of us are there because of Sol, therefore as much as we are there for him, we want to hear Sol Phenduka equally as Dineo speaks on the radio. All we are asking is more airtime to converse on the show with us listeners without Dineo taking the spotlight and invading whenever Sol speaks,” the letter continues.

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