Euphonik Trolled For Flexing About His International Visit!

Tweeps said he has a round face, shuu...

By  | Jul 15, 2020, 08:33 AM  | Dj Euphonik   | Drama

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DJ Euphonik was dragged from hell and back, after flexing about his international visit on Twitter. The DJ recently jetted off in a private jet with Black Coffee, to the French Riviera for an international gig.

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Their trip sparked major controversy as controversial Twitter Tracy Zille, slammed Black Coffee for flaunting his expensive lifestyle, after he posed in the luxurious jet with the caption "short left". As if that was not enough, Euphonik then posted a video bragging about going to the beach, and said he was at a secret location.

Tweeps unleashed some fierce criticisms and even went as far as dissing him on his looks saying he has a round face. Some asked him why was he not wearing a face mask and said he must not come back with coronavirus.

Shuu, these social media streets can be very brutal.

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