Lasizwe Remembers His Late Mother

She passed away 5 years ago

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Reality TV star and YouTuber, Thulasizwe 'Lasizwe' Dambuza left many of his followers holding their hankies yesterday after recalling his late mother.

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It has been five years since his mother died, but the pain never goes away. Lasizwe shared a very sweet and heart-piercing tribute to his late mother. Taking to his Instagram stories he wrote " Today is such a weird day for me. On this day 5 years ago, I witnessed my mother take her last breath."

Moreover, he expressed how much he misses her and that he hopes she is proud of him. There is no doubt that she is. Lasizwe has been making boss moves lately and we are here for it. Lasizwe had to build a career up from scratch after the passing of his mother - who was the breadwinner - in December 2016. His hard work is finally paying off after years of diligent hard work.

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Lasizwe is well known for being a loud and boisterous character, so much so that one often forgets that he has swam through the darkest and deepest of oceans in his short life.

In 2019, he paid tribute to her through an emotional post that could pierce even the coldest heart. He shared a picture of his late mother resting comfortably by his bedside, while two white candles remained lit.

White candles hold a very deep and sacred spiritual symbolism. Lasizwe's burning of the white candles indicated that he was invoking various energies, including purity, healing and happiness.

''On this day 3 years ago, My mother passed on she left behind her two children myself and my sister. Today is definitely one of those days... To everyone who has lost a parent I know your pain!''

In an interview on Trending SA he said his mom collapsed while he was preparing for his matric dance. "As the guy was cutting my hair, my mom who I could see in the mirror just collapsed. I was, 'oh my word, my mom can't do this, because this was not the first time she'd collapsed in front of me.' So I ran to her, I tried to turn her body so I could give her CPR," he said.

His mom was diagnosed with a heart condition and was depressed. "I was just praying to God, saying can this people just come and resuscitate my mom and we'll worry about the rest later. But nobody came, after 20 minutes of calling everyone... so luckily there was a dentist next door and he also tried the CPR then that was when the paramedics showed up."

He shared the sacrifices that her mom made for his matric dance, spending her last money on buying his matric dance outfit.

May her soul continue to rest in peace.

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