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By  | Apr 07, 2021, 08:40 AM  | DJ Sumbody  | Drama

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Congratulations to Pretoria based DJ and serial businessman DJ Sumbody. He's just expanded his forever growing business profile. Anyone who follows him knows that he owns a few clubs in Pretoria; including the popular Ayepyep Lifestyle. He recently opened another one in the mother city and the reception was extremely well. He launched it over the long weekend. The likes of Cassper and Thuli Phongolo were also there to show support

Last year, Nyovest denied claims that he was sued by DJ Sumbody, delivering a very feisty clap back. The new doting dad made headlines when Sunday World reported that he is being sued for fraud by the DJ.

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Cass probably felt targeted because fellow rapper Tshego also indirectly accused him of using his money and music without paying him a cent.

"If I told you I haven’t seen a single cent (sales) from Hennessy, Garden, The Vibe, Tell Em Say, So High, Dem Ah Wind, etc... What would you say? Mind you, I OWN THE MASTERS ON ALL THESE SONGS!" the rapper wrote.

"Been fighting a very silent legal battle. And when I win this case on Monday the humble sh*t stops."

Cass was also marred with a whole lot of controversy when a whole article accused him of fraud. In the article which was shared by Opera News, claims of fraud have been levelled against Cass. Apparently the Nokuthula hitmaker had defrauded the DJ from his royalties on the songs they both worked on which appeared on a Samsung TV ad. It is claimed that DJ Sumbody wants R500 000 from Cassper for the songs 'Tseya Ukwe' and 'Remote Control.'

Cassper's Family Tree label allegedly owns the masters of these songs but Sumbody apparently deserves 25% of the masters, of which he and the producer who helped produce the song do not have.

Laying all the rumours of a feud between the two parties was Sumbody's lawyer who confirmed to the publication that there is a legal case pending, but reiterated that there is no bad blood.

Cassper not only proved that there is no bad blood between him and the DJ he also clapped back by making a video of the two of them laughing off the claim. On his Instagram stories, Cassper posted a video clip of Sumbody "addressing" the claims. They were both set to perform at a mutual event in Sucasa that very same night, but decided to link up for drinks before hitting the stage.

In the video Cass jokingly asks Sumbody why is he suing him, then the DJ laughed and said "they say I am suing you my friend...they are crazy." Sumbody then claimed that people are trying to cause tension between them. Cass then joked and said they are probably talking about another 'Somebody.'
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