Dr. Malinga's Bursary Scheme

The muso wants to fund tertiary studies of 5 students

By  | Jan 26, 2023, 04:57 PM  | Dr Malinga  | Drama

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Dr. Malinga has announced his bursary scheme where he will be funding 5 students' tertiary education. This gesture is in response to the overwhelming support he received from the public after seeking assistance in paying off his debt with the South African Revenue Services (SARS.)

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Taking to social media, Malinga announced that this amazing initiative. He said he is not monied  but is willing to assist 5 students by funding their studies.

"The students must come from disadvantaged backgrounds and must be in need of financial assistance. I will help these students to apply to a technical college and I will pay their fees. They will enroll for a diploma at a TVET college," he said.

But he also added that this is strictly for TVET college studies and not university enrolment. "I must emphasise that this bursary is strictly for TVET college students and not university students."

Malinga emphasised that he does not know if the bursary scheme will continue and for how long, all of that will depend on finances. His intention right now is to ensure that the young students get a head start.

Another criteria to note should people wish to apply, is that they must be attending a college in Johannesburg or Tshwane.

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This kind gesture comes just months after Malinga alleged that he owed SARS a lot of money. He took to Podcast And Chill where he cried real tears pleading the masses to help him.

"After two years, SARS came. I called Minister Nathi Mthethwa, we talked. Sometimes when I am hungry don't advise that you have to plough, just dish out for me. I am not bath mouthing him, I am talking about what happened. I was calling people that I worked with, but they didn't come to my rescue," he said. "They took everything. When you enter my house, if you don't have a heart, you will laugh. My house is empty," he said.

Dr. Malinga revealed that in total he owes SARS R500 000.

"Auction is painful. I was there, I went there, and then I wanted to say 'please is not like I don't want to pay, I don't have money. I am not trending. I don't have songs. I am not being called at gigs and I can't force people to book me," he said.

"Every time I give people, they don't come for me" He continued "Musa Khawula announced that everything had been taken from me, I was fine about that before because they took them in July and I thought I could recover whatever was due to SARS but I couldn't because money is not coming in," he added.

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