Fans Are Getting Tired Of "Rude" Emtee

This is not how you engage with fans, Emtee

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Emtee is fed up with people accusing him of abusing drugs. This comes after he dissed two of his fans who debated on which Emtee was better during his career. It is without a doubt that the music scene has changed and with the artist's sound evolving, some fans might not like the new sound and that gets highly criticized.

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Instead of engaging with the fans to find out what they like and what they do no like, he cussed them out. A fan said he missed the old Emtee who inspired people with his music and was soulful. But he thought the fan was talking about Logan, instead another said the Manando days were much better.

But Emtee was not having it and dismissed the fan by asking "Who asked you?"

Another fan paid some respects to him, well the old him and said he was the best back 2017, "His right though. There is no better rapper or better album in South African Rap history, better than 2017 Emtee, Manado."

But Emtee said all three of them were being forward.

Reacting to Emtee's weird behaviour, another fan called him out, "You just dissed two of your fans for having an opinion. They not gone f**k with everything you put out, I'm sure you have your favs too and I'm sure you don't like all they sh*t. At the end of the day you ain't making music for yourself but for your fans, they buy your s**t. Hear em out."

But Emtee was not having any of that.
That's when people accused him of abusing drugs to the point where they messed him up.

At some point, Emtee did address the drugs issue and said he only sold them to make a living, never used them.

“I use to be a dealer coz I was hungry. N***as turned around and called me a druggie. I SOLD DAT SH**T COZ I WAS BROKE! NEVER USED IT.”

But a few of his fans believe that Emtee changed when he got two-timed by Ambitiouz. They say his music was never the same after that.

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He spoke about their fall-out on MacG's podcast and said the label never cared about him they only cared about themselves and their belongings. He said he realised this when they ignored him after getting on several car accidents.

He then said he never wanted to beef with them because if he did he would lose out on a lot of things. "That was always at the back of my mind, and every time the answer would be 'yes', they will do that." After leaving the record label he went very broke. He even revealed his shocking salary he received from the label saying it was just under 20K, whereas they were making around 50K per show he was performing in.

He also spoke deeply about this in his new documentary 'The Real Story About Emtee.' “A lot of people didn't really care if I was damaged. They were worried about the car and if it was written off and I’m asking myself, why are people so much worried about this vehicle and my answer came about when I found out it’s not mine,” he revealed.

He expressed disappointment at how they did not care if he was alive or dead, but their main concerns were the cars. "2 days in the hospital and motherf***s re stressing about the car."

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