"I Am Not A Drug Addict"

But... isn't this his drug of choice??

By  | Mar 24, 2021, 04:08 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Rapper Emtee is set on removing his name off the list of celebrities who are drug addicts as his name has continuously been tainted by these claims. Speaking to Isolezwe, the rapper said there is no backing down from a fight with the 'invisible enemy' who wants to destroy his name.

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Drug use and large amounts of alcohol consumption has been associated with the Hip Hop culture, but for rapper Emtee, he has been accused of always being high on drugs. The rapper clarified to the paper that he only smokes weed and nothing else, defending it as being a drug that is somewhat legal, to some extent.

He even revealed that after parting ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment and deciding to become an independent artist, certain groups of people have been paying radio stations to have his music excluded from the airways. Hectic!

"I am not ashamed about anything. I know the public has not accepted weed as drugs which are legal. That is the reason many associate me with drugs and being a drug addict.

"There are people who pay certain radio stations to have my music not played on air which is why many of my fans assume that I have gone silent and not working in the studio. I still make good music like before, but it is just not getting played on radio,"
he told the publication.

he then came for all those industry mates who owe him a great deal of favours but have turned their backs on him. "They do not owe me money, but they owe me favours because of everything I have done for the, The new song I released, was a way for me to make my cries heard and send a message to everyone who owes me."

Emtee recently trended after he posed in front of a breathtaking mansion which many thought was his house. The rapper is doing well for himself, so there is no doubt he will be copping a luxurious abode such as that one in no time. The mansion's price value is speculated to cost around R4.5 million. Soon after the picture went viral, many started to congratulate the rapper for dusting himself off but he quickly poured cold water to those claims saying it is not his.

Many thought when he parted ways with Ambitiouz, he would have fumbled his career as the label was in charge of most of his expenses. His cars and apartments got repossesed but Ambitiouz distanced themselves from these claims. It was alleged that Emtee had those items repossessed because he failed to pay rent and he caused them damage.

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