Flex Has To Sell His Wheels

It's all falling apart for the rapper

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Flex Rabanyan  | Drama

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Flex Rabanyan's life has hit new lows after the rapper admitted that he's going through serious financial difficulties. In fact, things have gotten so rough that he has had to sell the car he won on Vuzu's The Hustle!

Life comes at you fast and although many of us believe that we would make smart choices with a lot of money placed in front of us, the reality is we never know what we'll do until we have it. I can't speak with exact numbers, but I can assure you a fair percentage of us would BLOW money faster than Birdman if we knew our budget was sky-high and we were famous.

And that's exactly what Flex Rabanyan admits he did with his guap. The rapper won season 2 of The Hustle in 2017 and in the process received R250,000, a car and a record deal - the latter of which he declined.

Things were on the right track but Flex has now admitted that he didn't use his winnings wisely. Firstly, he claims to have spent his entire prize money in ONE MONTH before making a series of terrible career moves in the months that followed.

One such move was probably the decision to (try and) pay Metro FM in a bid to get some airplay. It didn't help and now he's suffering from the repercussions. With very few other options, Flex is now selling his car.

Taking to Twitter to open up about his hardships, Flex revealed that his car was now on sale:

When someone questioned what he did with the money he won, the rapper couldn't lie and admitted that he spent it unwisely.

We hope that Flex's mistakes serve as a lesson for young people around South Africa. Money is not evil, nor is it something that we would stop anybody from getting, but we want to encourage any young people to keep as much money as they possibly can when they earn it before spending.

As for Flex, we wish the young man the best of luck and hope to see him bounce back!

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