The Truth About Zolisa Xaluva’s Childhood

You won't believe where he grew up

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Popular South Africa actor Zoliswa Xaluva recently joined social media platform Tik Tok and has wasted no time in serving the people with the content they want to see. The star uploaded a clip from ‘Spitori with Jackie,’ an Instagram show where Leera Mthethwa, who plays Jacki on Gomora, invites her cast members to teach them slang from her city, Pretoria.

“Do you know what go betha top means?” She asked Zoliswa. “Eh ke di term tsa nou, tseo. Go betha thupa ka itsi, mara go betha top? I don’t know,” responded a clueless Zolisa. Leera encouraged him to at least try despite his various attempts to avoid the question. “Wena mphe yona kamokgo oe naganang,” said Jackie.

“O wele or? Gao sa dibusa man,” attempted Melusi. The actress then went on to explain what the term means. “Go betha top, gona byanong mo touchline means you’re pissed or you’ve lost your mind. Ke di term tsa nnou. Nna ke motho wa kgale.”

In the short segment, Jackie went on to share a revelation about Xaluva that perhaps many people did not know. Audiences have always been fascinated by his ability to speak so many South African languages fluently. Whether it’s Zulu, Tswana, Sotho or Xhosa – trust him to deliver. The host said that his co-star actually grew up in Pretoria and spent his childhood there.

“And people don’t actually know that you are Pretoria baby in part. Pila pila jo,” she said. “Ketswa sosha ko di AA. Batho baba ntshi ga ba itsi. I went to how many schools in Pretoria? Padisago primary kodi BB,” interjected Xaluva.

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Jackie then jokingly asked Xaluva when will he be breaking up with Gladys so that he can take her as a third wife -  Thati being the second one. Could she be trying to tell us that we should be expecting another relationship? Plus, the two would make a cute couple.

Fans should be happy to see a lighter version of Melusi as he is grieving with the passing of his son, Langa in the drama. Langa’s untimely passing has caught everyone by surprise as none of us would’ve predicted it. It is uncertain why he left the show so soon as many thought that he’d be around for the entire season two.
Main Picture Credit: Zoliswa Xaluva
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