Flex Rabanyan Takes On Helen Zille

Who can take the most Ls here?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Flex Rabanyan  | Drama

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Helen Zille is not exactly the most popular politician in entertainment circles (remember her quotes on #BlackPrivilege?) and  her reputation took another hit this week when she took on Flex Rabanyan on Twitter.

Flex hasn't had the most positive PR this year; he has single handedly offended the gay community, admitted to financial illiteracy and who can forget those embarrassing exchanges with Reason and Loot Love? But this most recent clash appeared to be something of  a redeeming moment for the troubled rapper as he not only appeared thoughtful, but he took on Gog' Helen at her very own game.

It all began when the former DA Leader opposed  tweep's suggestion about black people needing to unite until we win the land back from the privileged who currently own it. Helen didn't enjoy the user's tone of voice and she hit back at him, saying:

"Sweetness, please give us your opinion on how do build the food-productivity and job-creation capacity of the land currently in black ownership.  Thank you."

Many people were offended by the racist undertones in Helen's tweet and they called the ex-Western Cape Premier to order. One such person was Vuzu's The Hustle winner, Flex Rabanyan:

However, Helen hit back by not only insulting his intelligence but missing the point he was trying to make altogether:

Flex would not be deterred however and he hit back confidently by saying, "Helenic I am trying to explain to you that this whole living system that you guys are proud of is destroying the earth & is very unsustainable. But I don’t need to explain this to you because your whole vibe is based on ignoring the truth. Bhabhayi Gogo don’t let me Reason you"

By the time he was done with uGogo, her legion of Twitter fans chose to come after him but the Bass Reeves hitmaker (well, it wasn't exactly a hit but I digress) was more than ready for the replies coming his way. He defended himself until his keyboard warrior enemies were numb at the tips:

Something tells us this is not the last time that Helen Zille will clash with a South African celebrity but it's safe to say that it will almost never end well for her.

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