Heavy K has no time for beef

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Heavy K  | Drama

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Heavy K shocked some of us when he expressed how disappointed he was in Bucie when she didn’t thank him at the SAMAs.

Bucie, who won an award for Best Female artist at the event on Sunday, worked with the producer on her hit track Easy to Love. After making her acceptance speech, some people took to Twitter to point out the fact that she “forgot” to give props to Heavy K.

In an interview with Daily Sun, Heavy K said he was heartbroken.

He told the paper: “When I was watching the SAMAs I was heartbroken. I don’t make music for money. I did not charge a production fee, for studio time or any of that. I made Easy to Love as a favour. I work hard to make whatever song I do a hit and that song was just that.”

But now it seems he was just being emotional at the time.

On Thursday, Heavy K tweeted that he has moved on. He wrote: “Life Goes On!!! I Got no time to beef. I'm Just living My life #Sweetie #BrokenHeart RespectTheDrumBoss2015.”

At least he’s over this now. Can we all move on now, please? Thanks.

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