#Isibaya: A Mgijimi "cult" is brewing in South Africa

Isibaya fans are taking their love for the show to another level.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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It's no secret that Isibaya has been causing a lot of anxiety when it comes to its recent story line. The return of Mgijimi has had a lot of mixed reactions from the public.

Even though some were not too convinced of Mgijimi's return, it may seem like DJ Arch Jnr and his family are embracing the monsters return with open arms.

DJ Arch Jnr's father decided to paint his kid's faces with a white ointment in order to resemble the monster that is Mgijimi and instead of us being horrified at the look we couldn't help but burst out laughing.

The thought of Mgijimi doesn't seem as scary if you look at these three. 

How cute is the little one with their tongue ou? And we think DJ Arch Jnr is one generous toddler for offering Mgijimi his front teeth.

DJ Arch Jnr

It's not only DJ Arch Jnr and his family who are joining in on the Mgijimi fun, but a few other viewers as well.

When two grown men are caught reenacting a scene from Isibaya.


So Mgijimi is after-all an Orlando Pirates fans.


Ok, this is when people start to take things a bit too far.


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