Jub Jub's Latest Post Directed At Kelly?

"I am not a saint"

By  | Jul 10, 2022, 03:34 PM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

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Jub Jub has shared an inspirational post that had some people thinking he is addressing the Kelly Khumalo drama. The Uyajola 9/9 presenter seems to be feeling very motivational of late, so he penned down a short post, showing gratitude to his ancestors for their protection.

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In the post, Jub Jub speaks about the many difficulties he faced which brought him closer and closer to God.

“Even when trials and tribulations seem to be taking over your life, remember not to give up but to push. You do not know who is watching or who you are inspiring," he started off.

“My ancestors were with me in the beginning till to date. It saddens me that I had to go through what I [did] only to be drawn closer to God. For you all know, I am not a saint but I can tell you for free that I am trying. And for that, I will continue pushing.”

Jub Jub's name is currently being talked about on his baby mama's reality show Life With Kelly. The reality series is in it's third season and Kelly still alludes Jub Jub does not want to be a part of Christians life.

This was after the Mother's Day post where he reached out to her, “Despite our differences I would like to wish the woman who carried and brought my son into this world a Happy Mother’s Day.”

But Kelly did not budge. The singer said Jub Jub disrespected her with that post,  “Christian’s father who has done me so dirty, God has blessed me to not even bump into him,” she said in the first episode. “Everyone is wishing every mother in the world and then boom! Christian’s father.”

“I know a man who wants a relationship with his child when I see one. I will never stand in the way of that. However, don’t disrespect me,” she continued. 

Jub Jub recently trended after her comments on Senzo Meyiwa. She said nobody knew who he was before he met her.

"First of all I was Kelly Khumalo before Senzo Meyiwa. I did not know who Senzo Meyiwa was until a friend of mine Lucia Mthiyane explained to me who he was. Nobody knew who Senzo Meyiwa was until he was attached to the brand Kelly Khumalo,” she said. "I've had nothing to gain with either his gains or losses," she added.

Tweeps think Jub Jub 'was right' about Kelly and soon started to trend. 

In the very same episode, Kelly compared both her baby daddy's “As far as my first born is concerned, I am willing to go to court with Molemo. That’s proving to me that he wants to be a father, that’s proving to me that he wants to be with his son and I haven’t seen that,” she said. 

“I am not going to sit here and take away the beauty of Senzo as a father. I cannot, irrespective of how the world sees him, I don’t care. This is a man who wants to be present please compare notes.”

“So, irrespective of what the world thinks of Senzo, he was a good father – to all his babies… his daughters. From Namhla to Thando to Thingo, he was a great father. He might have had his shortcomings but Senzo was a great father.”

Kelly then said Jub Jub contacted her from a different number, “So he calls me from a different number and because I don’t know the number, I pick up. ‘Hellooo?’ and he says ‘uzimithisile wena?’ which translates to 'did you impregnate yourself?'"

Kelly claims Jub Jub went on to say, ‘mangabe uzimithisile kulungile, but lomtwana, owami’ translating to 'if indeed you did impregnated yourself, then that is fine but that child is mine.’” 

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