Ntukza Responds To K.O’s Diss Track

Unfortunately for him, it does not go down the way it is meant to.

By  | Mar 01, 2023, 12:53 PM  | Drama

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Remember when K.O started off the year with his mission statement for 2023 which was delivered as a diss track titled Forecast 23. The track dissed Lady Du for not believing in the then potential of his mega-hit song SETE, featuring Blxckie and Young Stunna, and it dissed former TearGas alumni Ntukza. Which at the time was reported as:

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In 2012 [TearGas] had four lauded albums, the most recent being titled Num8er Num8er. However, the cracks in the group had already started as they attempted to diversify their brand to include young emerging talent with the expansion of CashTime Fam.

At the time, K.O and Ma-E were still committed to the group. But Ntukza wanted to leverage his fame to branch out into a solo career. This created division as the group was already working on their fifth studio album according to K.O’s sequence of events.

Moreover, Ntukza started to bad mouth K.O and Ma-E in an effort to propel these solo ambitions. While K.O’s solo career would flourish, Ntukza’s career seemed to only decline. A fact which resulted in their animosity, and shade by him towards his former bandmates.

While K.O initially kept it cute with PR answers in the ten years since their “break.” With Forecast 23, he made sure to drag Ntukza for filth. This is as he not only labelled Ntukza as petty over his comments about their split, but he also confirmed that there will never be a TearGas reunion
It seems that Ntukza’s silence at the time was not an admittance of defeat. But instead, it seems that he was also hitting the studio in an attempt to respond. 

Ntukza responds to K.O’s diss track 

Recently taking to YouTube, Ntukza shared his song titled Long Walk To Freedom. The track turned out to be his diss track response to K.O’s Forecast 23. The diss track was well… Underwhelming as the only “digs” that Ntukza could come up with was calling K.O a simp and alleging that he buys views. 
A stance that is hard to believe considering that SETE was officially the most streamed song of 2022 and now holds the RadioMonitor record for the song to stay the longest at numbers. This is besides SETE being certified platinum.
Therefore, it came as no surprise that tweeps and comments were quick to drag Ntukza for filth upon hearing the diss track. From poking holes at the quality of the track itself, to suggestions that Ntukza was the weakest in terms of bars and punchlines in TearGas. It is suggested that he would have done better not even bothering with releasing the track. A fact confirmed by the 1.6k views in the day that it has been available on YouTube. 
Seeing as the track is not getting the type of reaction that Ntukza might have not bargained for. It is very unlikely that K.O will respond, similar to the chances of a reunion of the trio as this makes it official that there is no turning back for the former friends and bandmates. 

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