Khanyi Mbau: Don't judge me

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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Being a mom is tough, just ask Khanyi Mbau who had to attend a meeting with dye still in her hair, because mommy duties made her late.

The TV host shared a video on her Instagram account on Thursday, and explained why she left her house without doing her hair. 

"I am trying my best to be a supermom. You know, work, business, look fly, be fleek. I have got a meeting now; I’m going with my dye on, because I am late. I had to make breakfast for my daughter this morning and now I am going to my meeting like this." 

"So don't judge me when u see me," she said in the video's caption. 

Forget about trying to be a supermom (does that even exist?), and try keeping your eyes on the road, Khanyi!

Meanwhile, fans were definitely judging Khanyi after her December cover for True Love magazine was released this week. 

They slammed her “plastic look” and suggested she ease up on the surgery.

Khany told the magazine that while she has had cosmetic surgery, her nose is hers.    

"I'm in the public eye so I like to be easy on the eye - I have my yearly chemical peel, and I use fillers in my face. My nose is my own but I use fillers to give it a better profile," said Mbau of her other procedures.

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So don't judge me when u see me @lajawihair

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