Unathi For President!

She even has her own national party

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Radio presenter Unathi Nkayi is looking to run for president. The big question is: Is South Africa ready for a female president? The answer is, why not? And should there be one, who better than Unathi Nkayi?

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Madam President, is what Unathi has ordered us to call her as from now on. She announced this on Instagram where she shared images of her speaking at the launch hosted by Fattis And Monis.

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To be president you might want to be affiliated with a national party, right? Well Unathi understands the assignment so she started her very own party and named it F&M Freedom Party, which means 'Fatis And Monis.'

"MADAM PRESIDENT. It is an honour and a privilege given the current political climate to launch my OWN party. #F&MFreedomParty #FatisandMonis," she wrote.

Other celebrities such as Ayanda Thabethe and Minnie Dlamini laughed at her efforts, because it is a joke. But pledged to give her their full support.
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The country could do with a president who is a woman for a change seeing how many people are criticising the current presidency. A few says back, Simphiwe Dana called out the president saying she is the worst to ever lead.

“I know we’re scared to say it. But Ramaphosa is the worst president we have had.” She took it further by saying, "I opened your your eyes about Zille. And you gave me a lot of flack for it. I expect a lot of flack for this too"

Last month, Unathi exposed her bully who targeted her looks saying she looked ugly but money made her look better. Sis was not having that and exposed the young man who apologised to her in return.

"I would like to introduce you to @andilerh_simelane MY CYBER BULLY for TODAY. Tomorrow it may be someone else BUT today he woke up and decided he’s going to HUMILIATE me. I thought I’d give him what he wants ATTENTION," she wrote.

When the "ugly" picture was taken, Unathi said she was sick but was forced to by the journalist, "I was actually very sick here and the journalist forced me for a picture. But be the a**hole that you want us to know you as," she said.

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