"I Know He's Pissed Off At Me At The Moment"

The end of an era?

By  | Jun 14, 2022, 11:26 AM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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Somizi Mhlongo and Khanyi Mbau were once very close friends who served friendship goals. But now, their friendship has taken quite a knock, and they are no longer on talking terms. This was first reveled by Somizi on his reality show, Living The Dream If you wanted to hear Khanyi's side of the story, then you might want to wait a little longer, as she too has no idea why Somizi stopped talking to her.

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On Living The Dream with Somizi, he revealed that he does not want anything to do with Khanyi Mbau because of all the trouble he went through, only for her to not honour her end of the deal.

In  December 2021, Somizi and Khanyi were to go on a trip. Somizi had asked Khanyi to organize a private jet for them for a trip to Cape Town. He did this so Khanyi would not be alone for New Year’s Eve.

But, to Somgaga's surprise, Khanyi did not do that instead, she remained mum the entire time. 

During their phone call, Somizi said, "Can I make plans and you fly out here now? You can’t be alone. No man don’t cry I’m sorry! Okay give me an hour… I’m making a plan right now,” he said. “Don’t worry about anything else. I’ll send you details and make your way to the airport.”

To his friends, Somizi said, “I can relate to what she is going through. Sometimes when you go through stuff you just want to be alone… but she is alone on New Year’s Eve.”

But her not pitching up, made Somizi mad so he said, “When you see Khanyi, please tell her I want nothing to do with her. I feel disrespected. She first messed up with the private jet because we were relying on her. It was her connection, we were all going to contribute and fly here in a jet. And she goes quiet, on the day, she went silent, she goes quiet,” he continued.

“I sat with Ndo and he made reservations. I booked her a flight… to this point I haven’t spoken to Khanyi and I’m waiting for her to give me a call and she knows I’m angry at her. For me its little things like this, that disappoint me,” he added. “I took the time… I didn’t have to. It isn’t even about money, it’s about the effort and the time that I feel disrespected,” he continued.

Now, Khanyi in a statement to TshisaLive speaking about her new Comedy Roast Special, Khanyi said she does not want Somizi to be a part of it because he is not talking to her so he would just release all his anger onto her. 

"I know he's had his own, I wouldn't want to see Somizi on it, because I know he's pissed off at me at the moment. He's not talking to me for some odd reason, so I would not like to see him because he'd be really upset with me."

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